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Whence the Controversy Over The Principle Documentary?

subtitle: What Are They Afraid Of? Cosmological documentaries come and go. Most of them, such as Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, follow the lead of established science, and basically promote the established view of the universe. Most of them, with the exception a few big ones such as Cosmos (and the earlier series with Carl Sagan), go largely unnoticed by most, other than a small group of people who have […]

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PRESS-ANCIENT ORIGINS: Radical new documentary claims Copernicus and four centuries of science is wrong.

  A new documentary called The Principle, which is due to be launched on 10th October, is set to take on more than four centuries of established belief in the Copernican Principle by presenting shocking new scientific evidence that suggests the Earth holds a special place within the cosmos. The film has already resulted in an absolute media frenzy, smear campaign, and storm of controversy as furious scientists vehemently defend […]

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Welcome to “The Principle” blog!

Since our film has probably already locked up the award for “Most Reviewed Film By Those Who Never Bothered To Watch It First’, we thought it would be appropriate to begin this blog with an actual review from someone who has! Many thanks to Archbishop MacClanahan for his contribution! IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE VIEWING THE ABOVE GRAPHIC, HERE IS THE FULL LETTER: After viewing the film I am shocked […]

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