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THE PRINCIPLE Official Release Announcement!

THE PRINCIPLE – Rocky Mountain Pictures to Distribute Highly-Anticipated Documentary, Theatrically in North America. Film Set To Open in Chicago on October 24. Rocky Mountain Pictures, the distributor behind such ground-breaking documentaries as Obama 2016 and Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, has picked-up the North American theatrical distribution rights for The Principle, the much-anticipated feature documentary which explores the significance of the Earth’s place within the Cosmos. The film is set […]

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Archbishop Murdoch Endorses “The Principle.”

Thanks to Archbishop Murdoch for his wonderful endorsement of “The Principle”! IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE VIEWING THE ABOVE GRAPHIC, HERE IS THE FULL LETTER: The Principle demonstrates that faith viewpoints and scientific viewpoints are not inherently at odds. Through absolutely stunning visuals, the film presents and analyzes various cosmological theories with input from believers and nonbelievers alike. The Principle not only educates but entertains the viewer and offers a […]

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