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Statement From “The Principle” Executive Producer Robert Sungenis Addressing Accusations of Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial

  The Principle is the first-ever film devoted to examining and questioning a widely accepted scientific concept that has defined mankind’s place in the cosmos: The Copernican Principle. However, members of the media have ignored the artistic merits of the film and its science-based arguments to instead voice baseless accusations of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial against its executive producer, Robert Sungenis. What follows is a statement from Robert Sungenis addressing these […]

Read More ‘Are We Significant?’ New Christian Film Challenges Secular Premises on Earth’s Uniqueness

A new Christian film is challenging secular claims that Earth is an insignificant cosmic speck and reveals evidence that suggests it and its inhabitants were specially created. “The Principle” is a new movie currently showing at select theaters across the country. The film, which stars several top scientists, explores Earth’s position in the universe and attempts to answer the question, “Is our planet unique and significant?” Most secular scientists have […]

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Thank You Spokane For A Great Turnout!

  Shout out to Katie Adams who sent us this from the Spokane’s opening night of “The Principle”! “I just went and saw the movie last night with my Catholic youth group (we went to Spokane), and I wanted to share a group picture we took after the showing. Also, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your hard work! It was a great documentary and we all […]

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Great Opening Night In Los Angeles/Burbank!

Great turnout at the 7pm screening tonight in Burbank. To everyone who came out to all the screenings today, thank you so much for supporting the film! Also, for the Orange CA fans, Producer/Writer Rick Delano will be at the 8:10pm showing tomorrow and the 3:20pm showing on Sunday. Get your tickets here:

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Producer/Writer Rick Delano On Coast To Coast Show

  Copernicus, Science, & Religion Date: 01-07-15 Host: George Noory Career-long insider of the entertainment industry, independent scholar and intellectual outlierRick DeLano will discuss his work researching theories of astronomy, Copernicus and the political and religious fallout resulting from changes in scientific discoveries. He’ll review recent scientific discoveries which can’t disprove that Earth may be the center of the universe, and recap the power struggles over the last several hundred […]

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