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San Diego Living Interview – Understanding a Modern Scientific World View

Marc Bailey interviews Rick DeLano on San Diego Living about “The Principle”. Rick describes the conception of the film after new data was collected about our universe in 2005. This new data has given us a much larger view of the universe and we are able to see, and calculate, more then ever before. and what’s been discovered is shocking. Rick articulates that the controversy about this new data stems […]

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What’s So Cosmic About This Cosmic Microwave Background?

In 1964, In NJ, two astronomers, Penzias and Wilson, who were interested in measuring radiation in outer space, discovered the cosmic microwave background while experimenting with a 6m horn antenna. This is usually referred to as an accidental discovery, because they were not specifically searching for the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). At the same time Robert Dicke at Princeton had developed a theory that such radiation should exist as a […]

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In the Dark About Dark Matter?

In the Dark About Dark Matter? In the 17th Century, Sir Isaac Newton developed his equations for mechanics (including his law of gravity). It was felt that Newton had discovered the key to explain all the motions in the heavens and on earth in very simple mathematical descriptions. Newton’s law of gravity was able to describe the motion of a falling apple, a projectile launched from a canon, and the […]

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