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Washington Post: Dark matter is apparently ‘darker’ than we thought

Dark Matter: What’s in a name? The Washington Post The Article References a scientific findings report in Science Magazine, click here to read the Scientific Journal Report: Science Magazine Given the failure to detect dark matter despite decades of effort, a new name is proposed in this article. We thought some of the comments were even better: “It’s not “materia incognita”, it’s the aether.” “Maybe they should call it Nothing. […]

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The Sedona International Film Festival Presents Special Screenings/Director Q&A Of “The Principle” April 10th & 11th

The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to present the Northern Arizona premiere of “The Principle” — a new film that addresses one of the most heated debates of our time: Our place in the cosmos. The film’s director, Katheryne KTEE Thomas will be in Sedona to host the film and have a Q&A discussion with the audience after all four screenings. The film will show April 10-11 at the […]

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