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5 Things You Should Know before Watching “The Principe”

1. What if I told you that Earth occupies a special place in the Cosmos? 2. What if I told you that Earth’s location in the Cosmos has been purposely hidden from you? Don’t you want to know why? 3. What if I told you that the smartest, most popular scientists of the past century admit that the Earth seems to be in the center of the universe? 4. You probably believe that the earth revolves around the […]

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The Principle Podcast Episode 1: Extended Interview Robert Sungenis

We are happy to announce The Principle podcast series with extended interviews, further discussions, and informative information about the documentary The Principle. To start off the series we wanted to highlight a few key sections of Executive Producer Robert Sungenis’ interview. About Robert: Since 1993 Robert has been the director of Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc. He is the author of 30 books written over the last 20 years, among […]

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