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The Principle Podcast Episode 2: Extended Interview Rick Delano

  Episode 2 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with producer/writer Rick Delano. About Rick: Rick DeLano has worked as a producer, executive producer, and financial consultant in the music and film industries for more than 20 years. His fascination with the question of our place in the cosmos began with a $1,000 Internet challenge to provide direct scientific proof of the universally assumed motion of the Earth […]

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REVIEW: Hollywood Jesus

“The reality that every theory is based on matter that doesn’t exist just to keep a theory in check is questioned in this film. Without some “unseen” factors, some theories fall completely apart.”  ~ Hollywood Jesus Hollywood Jesus Review This movie will raise up questions about how we have come to our current information, how we apply new data and what this means for the previous accounts of our existence. Are […]

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The Principle received its seal from The Dove Foundation with 4 out of 5 stars!

  Dove Review “The Principle” is a fascinating documentary, utilizing animation, interviews with scientific experts, and a history of the greats, such as Copernicus and Einstein. It focuses on the science of the Earth and explores the possibility of a Creator, a grand designer. It quotes several scientists and philosophers, such as Carl Sagan, who said the Earth is an insignificant planet. But is it really? The film explores the […]

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