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The Principle Podcast Episode 5: Extended Interview George Ellis

  Episode 5 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with George Ellis. About George Ellis: George Francis Rayner Ellis, FRS, Hon. FRSSAf, (born 11 August 1939), is the Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He co-authored The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time with University of Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking, published in 1973, and is considered one of the world’s leading theorists in cosmology.[1] He is […]

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BREAKING NEWS!! THE PRINCIPLE IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA ON JUNE 18 FOR A SPECIAL LIVE THEATRICAL SCREENING, AND IS NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA ON DVD/BLURAY! Thanks to the folks at Cathflix THE PRINCIPLE will be screened on June 18 at: THE VENUE 67 HOWE STOSBORNE PARK, WA 6017 (Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community Religious Organization) We are also excited and VERY PROUD to announce that our many, many fans […]

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The Real Test of Honesty and Consistency: Genesis 1 Separates the Men from the Boys

Photograph courtesy of Glenn Francis, Article by: Robert Sungenis Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe.   Almost everyone is familiar with Genesis 1, the story of Creation. We have read it since childhood and we were enthralled to hear how God put the universe together. He spoke and things were made. What power! What drama! We recited the words… “In the […]

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A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Buy: Journey to the Center of the Universe

Stream/Buy “Journey To The Center Of The Universe”- Stream/Buy “The Principle”- 1. Journey begins where The Principle left off, since it delves ever so deeply into all the topics covered in The Principle but adds many more topics that The Principle simply did not have time to cover since it was originally made for the theaters. Journey is three times longer than The Principle and is thus able to be […]

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