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The Principle Podcast Episode 9: Extended Interview Bernard Carr

Episode 9 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with Bernard Carr. About Bernard Carr: Bernard J. Carr is a professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). He completed his BA in mathematics in 1972 at Trinity College, Cambridge. For his doctorate, obtained in 1976, he studied relativity and cosmology under Stephen Hawking at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge and the California Institute of […]

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Uber-controversial science/cosmology documentary, The Principle, which has generated heated debate world-wide since its theatrical release in October 2014, launches in digital format for the first time on the iTunes and Amazon platforms, on Tuesday, April 16, 2016. “We are very gratified and excited to be able to make the film available for digital purchase, first in the US and Canada, and soon in additional territories”, said writer/producer Rick DeLano.  Featuring […]

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Multiverse As Memory Hole: Sulu’s Star Trek Makeover

Paramount Pictures Gotta love how ideas have consequences….. Take the multiverse for example. This speculation (it is defended in “The Principle” by Michio Kaku, Bernard Carr and Max Tegmark, and questioned as to its scientific admissibility by George Ellis) carries with it a certain delicious irony. The Copernican enterprise- modern science, if you like- begins with the natural philosophers disdaining to participate in the theologians’ seemingly pointless debates concerning, for […]

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The Principle Podcast Episode 8: Extended Interview Martin Selbrede

Episode 8 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with Martin Selbrede. About Martin Selbrede: Martin G. Selbrede is the Vice-President of the Chalcedon Foundation and senior researcher for the organization’s ongoing work of Christian scholarship. He has written numerous articles, essays, and position papers for such publications as Faith for All of Life, the Chalcedon Report, and The Journal of Christian Reconstruction. He has traveled extensively to speak on […]

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Mr. Royal, Let’s Get Our Christian History Correct, Shall We?

Article by: Robert Sungenis Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe. Robert Royal, editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing, and president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C., wrote an article titled “Pascal’s Fire.” Mr. Royal, like many today who are trying to adhere to the Catholic Christianity that has been passed down to us over the centuries, climbs back to one of […]

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The Lies from LIGO

Article by: Robert Sungenis Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe. In September 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) reported to the world that it detected a merger of two blackholes in deep space that sent a single “gravitational wave” to Earth. The science community used this “detection” to assure the world that Einstein’s General Relativity theory, which predicts both blackholes and […]

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