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“Center of the Universe? Krauss vs. Krauss”

Commentary by: Rick Delano President: Stellar Motion Pictures Producer/Writer: The Principle A bit over two years ago, “The Principle” became the first theatrically-released documentary film to examine the implications of the stunning “Axis of Evil”, the strange, completely counter- predicted series of alignments between the largest structure in the entire visible universe, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), and the ecliptic plane and equinox of supposedly- insignificant Earth. The film was instantly subjected […]

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CONTEST: “The Principle” Shares Some Amazon and ITunes Reviews, And Asks You For Yours!

Happy New Year to all! As 2017 looks more and more likely to be the year where the mainstream science press finally catches up with “The Principle” (THE POP SCI PRESS IS STARTING TO PICK SIDES OVER THE COPERNICAN PRINCIPLE), we have decided to start the New Year with a quick survey of what fans of “The Principle” are posting in their online reviews over at Amazon Video and ITunes. […]

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