“Featuring some impressive-looking visual illustrations…and corralling an impressive array of scientists…The film is well-paced…”

Variety Magazine

For the first time in the modern age, the ‘metaphysical assumption’ known as the Copernican Principle, and its implications are addressed in detail.

USA Today Magazine

“…a lively, colorfully illustrated primer — a brief history of cosmology from Ptolemy to Einstein…”

Los Angeles Times Movie Review

“Groundbreaking, fair and balanced. It’s the kind of powerful, intelligent and compelling documentary you’ll be talking about for weeks!”

Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru, "Rotten Tomatoes"

Remarkable, riveting and profoundly important… ‘Principle’ dramatizes the excitement and impact of recent scientific discoveries that undermine 600 years of nearly unquestioned assumptions about the insignificant role of our tiny planet in a vast universe. The movie features some of the best minds, and best talkers, in the scientific community raising questions that might have seemed unthinkable just a few short years ago.

Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Host

THE PRINCIPLE is a thinking person’s look into the development of modern cosmology that keeps you on the edge of your seat with mind blowing special effects worthy of a major superhero movie. It’s a totally geeked out film about science which lights up your imagination using the real universe — how cool is that?

Randall Libero, Producer and Host of “Visionary Entertainment”

‘The Principle’ is a cosmic journey into the heart of the Universe which allows the viewer a front row seat perspective of our place within it. A powerful affirmation of where we came from, where we are, and what is just beyond the horizon of our understanding. A must see for those who know there is so much more to explore.

Rev. John Poleski, Senior Minister, San Diego Center for Spiritual Living

I thoroughly enjoyed The Principle. I taught cosmology in the seminary over 60 years ago and there has been so much more since then. The class is not over yet…and I would rate The Principle’s treatment of the history very favorably.

Rev. David Brown, Assumption Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

Wow! I couldn’t stop watching it. It raises important questions and at least opens dialogue that has huge theological implications. The importance of the human person and the unimaginably enormous love of God is at the very least considered again after seeing this film.

Rev. Joe Jablonski, St. Joseph Church, Chicago, IL

…very engaging and it does an admirable job of introducing a vast amount of material from the last 400 years of the unfolding history of astronomy and cosmology. I would certainly recommend it to others.

Rev. John Kartje, Mundelein Seminary

I found this documentary beautiful and engaging, enlightening and encouraging. Faith will always be faith, but in an age which so respects science, I think that this production may help people be open to the gift of faith.

Rev. Kevin Feeney, Northwestern University

The Principle does a wonderful job at presenting the historical context of the Copernican theory and its assumptions. The Principle is thought provoking and illustratively exciting. I believe it does justice to a very difficult debate in Cosmology and Physics that ultimately renders any good student of science to questions of philosophy and theology.

Rev. Esequiel Sanchez, St. Bede the Venerable Church

The production was top-notch and worthy of the Discovery Channel. The Principle is a great contribution to the ongoing dialogue between faith and science and I would encourage anyone with an interest in astronomy and the cosmos to see it.

Rev. John Hetland, St. Barnabas Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

Thought Provoking

Rev. Bill Lego, St. Turibius Catholic Church, Chicago, IL

The Principle demonstrates that faith viewpoints and scientific viewpoints are not inherently at odds. Through absolutely stunning visuals, the film presents and analyzes various cosmological theories with input from believers and nonbelievers alike. The Principle not only educates but entertains the viewer and offers a compelling scientific case that, based on what we are observing, the Earth is not a random byproduct of astronomical evolution.

Indeed, The Principle shows us that science is increasingly corroborating the idea Christians have always recognized as a fundamental truth: that human beings are significant in the eyes of our Creator. Further, the interaction between the presenters and the material that comes to a climax in the research and results of the March 21, 2013, satellite is verification of the amazing work done by Prof. Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This extraordinary discovery means that there is scientific data that independently verifies the fact that Earth is unique not only in our solar system but perhaps in the universe. As Anglican Christians, we believe and know that God has created a unique and wonderful world. He sent His only Son to make possible unique communication and relationship with Himself. The technological advances revealed in The Principle bring us to a moment in time when scientific observations make this a new conversation that engages people within and beyond the faith community.

I encourage those of all faiths to use The Principle as a basis for constructive dialogue about the Christian belief on creation, and to dispel the notion that religion and modern science are at odds on how we came to be. Though certainly big on empirical data and tech-speak, the film should be considered approachable for all audiences, and I fully support its viewing and wide distribution.

Bishop William Murdoch, Anglican Diocese of New England

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After viewing the film I am shocked concerning all of the conflict recently surrounding it, as I believe it was very balanced in presenting the options of various individuals.

There seems to be something quite volatile about this question of the Copernican Principle which, on first examination, seems inexplicable.

Why should a film examining the question of our place in the cosmos have sparked so much turmoil, four hundred years after the trial of Galileo? It appeared to me that the true heart of the controversy surrounding “The Principle” is as much a philosophical and theological issue as a scientific one. In examining the various cosmological views of the universe in their historical and scientific contexts one cannot but be faced with the question of our significance in the order of things. Are we “insignificant” and less than a mere particle of space dust in the vastness of the cosmos, or do we hold a unique and special place in the order of all that exists? If our world is insignificant, then are we as persons even less significant? Is there a Creator or not? And if there is a Creator, then is there a destiny and purpose for not only our world but for each of us as individuals?

It seems that these questions still touch quite a sensitive nerve, and I am happy to recommend and endorse this challenging film. I found it to be a fascinating survey of the history of this foundational idea of our modern world, as well as a valuable aid in understanding the remarkable new observations of our cosmos on its largest observable scales; observations which raise the possibility that Copernicus may, indeed, be “coming back to haunt us”.

Archbishop McClanahan, Episcopalian Conference of Bishops

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WOW, a very well made film full of interesting info, with great special effects and images! A must see for anyone interested in our special world & universe! I have seen many films like this, but The Principle has info I have never heard before!

Roger Rudluff, Christian Film Database

The Principle, in the language of today, is mind blowing – literally. I had to stop and take a deep breath 3 or 4 times while watching because what was being shown were facts I had never even considered, yet I couldn’t deny their truth. This documentary could be one of the most important pieces of scientific data the viewer will ever learn: that we as human beings are significant. I highly recommend it.

Al Menconi, President, Al Menconi Ministries and The Christian Music Challenge

The Principle tackles some difficult subject matter and is very well done. In the end, viewers are empowered with a better understanding of science and the cosmos than most professors. I heartily recommend it for those entering college.

Youth Pastor Charlie Woods of Calvary Church, South Bay, CA

The Principle is for the believer, agnostic, and atheist alike. It raises vital questions as to our origins and future that cannot go unaddressed and perhaps can no longer be answered by a Copernican model and mentality…this documentary demonstrates well that we may be much more significant than we thought and our existence and place more purposeful than random. It is a must see. It can change what you believe and who you are as a person in this vast world.

Fr. Paul Clark, JCL, St. Mattehw Parish, Dauphin, PA

“In terms of production values, “The Principle” scores…No Small Accomplishment”

Karl Keating, Catholic Answers

The Principle is a stimulating exposé of cosmological arguments and recent discoveries as it seeks to describe the vastness of our universe. I appreciated that the movie doesn’t try to provide all the answers but rather leads the viewer to question conflicting scientific theories. I heartily recommend this movie to the searching mind. There is mystery in creation and The Principle leaves you wanting to explore more.

Arnell Motz, Dean, Bethel Seminary, San Diego

I was impressed…After taking a look at The Principle, it might be a good time to go outside on a starry night and consider anew what’s out there and where we fit into the grand picture. You might be surprised at your response.”

J. Alan Sharrer, Hollywood Jesus

4.5 Stars (out of 5) Overall Score

Christian Review

“Fantastic movie. Really well-done and thought-provoking.”

Julie Roys, Host, Up for Debate, Moody Radio

“Visually, it’s very entertaining. As a Catholic mom, as a Christian, I love what the film is trying to do…I wanted to see more.”

Dawn Meadows Dixon of Relevant Radio

“The Principle tackles the current crisis in cosmology with amazing detail and professionalism. Never has such a complex topic been presented so vividly on the Big Screen. The Principle is an important film and I highly recommend seeing it. In years to come, we may point to this very film as the tipping point in the great cosmological debate concerning God and science.”

Rev. Arturo Velasco, Our Lady of the Valley, Canoga Park, CA