Albert Einstein: The Earth Mover. How Einstein Made the Earth Move (When All the Experiments Showed it Wasn’t Moving)


Article by: Robert Sungenis
Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures
Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe.

In his 1881 and 1887 experiments, Albert Michelson discovered the Earth was not moving around the sun. As Michelson himself described the results of his own experiment: “This conclusion directly contradicts the explanation…which presupposes that the Earth moves.” But since his colleagues, including Albert Einstein, were die-hard Copernicans who didn’t want to believe that Michelson had discovered a motionless Earth, they proposed his experimental apparatus was distorted by the Earth’s motion through space and thus Michelson’s apparatus only made it appear as if it wasn’t moving. In scientific parlance, we call this the fallacy of petitio principii, that is, using as proof (a moving Earth) the very thing one is trying to prove (a moving Earth).  Let me explain.

Michelson found the Earth wasn’t moving by using the speed of two light beams against one another.

The first light beam was pointed westward because it was the presumed direction of the Earth’s movement around the sun. The second light beam was pointed northward and thus away from the direction of the presumed moving Earth.

The first light beam should have been affected by the Earth’s movement through space if it the Earth is moving around the sun at the accepted speed of 66,000 mph. If so, the first beam would have traveled slower than the second light beam.

But that didn’t happen.

Both light beams traveled at nearly the same speed. According to Michelson, the first beam traveled only about one-sixth of the retarded speed needed if the Earth was moving around the sun. The conclusion, as Michelson notes above, should have been that the Earth isn’t moving around the sun.




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  1. Hugh Beaumont says:

    To Practice Science, We Must Philosophize

  2. Joe Sullivan says:

    With all of the exploration of our solar system that has been carried out in the past 50 years, I am not aware of any observational data that shows that the earth does not rotate around the sun. This paper does not address this data at all. It focuses on arcane details instead. What about the elephant in the room?

    • Rick Delano says:

      The fact is that there has never existed any experimental demonstration of any motion of the earth around the sun.

      While the question of geocentrism per se is the subject of the followup, 2 disc, 4 1/2 tour de force “Journey To The Center Of The Universe”, it is well-established in “The Principle” that either General Relativity or geocentrism are right.

      JTTCOTU is utterly devastating to your deeply-inculcated conception of an earth in absolute motion around the sun.

      The subject of the paper is the Copernican Principle.

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