Archbishop Murdoch Endorses “The Principle.”

Thanks to Archbishop Murdoch for his wonderful endorsement of “The Principle”!

The Principle - Bishop William Murdoch


The Principle demonstrates that faith viewpoints and scientific viewpoints are not inherently at odds. Through absolutely stunning visuals, the film presents and analyzes various cosmological theories with input from believers and nonbelievers alike. The Principle not only educates but entertains the viewer and offers a compelling scientific case that, based on what we are observing, the Earth is not a random byproduct of astronomical evolution.

Indeed, The Principle shows us that science is increasingly corroborating the idea Christians have always recognized as a fundamental truth: that human beings are significant in the eyes of our Creator. Further, the interaction between the presenters and the material that comes to a climax in the research and results of the March 21, 2013, satellite is verification of the amazing work done by Prof. Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This extraordinary discovery means that there is scientific data that independently verifies the fact that Earth is unique not only in our solar system but perhaps in the universe. As Anglican Christians, we believe and know that God has created a unique and wonderful world. He sent His only Son to make possible unique communication and relationship with Himself. The technological advances revealed in The Principle bring us to a moment in time when scientific observations make this a new conversation that engages people within and beyond the faith community.

I encourage those of all faiths to use The Principle as a basis for constructive dialogue about the Christian belief on creation, and to dispel the notion that religion and modern science are at odds on how we came to be. Though certainly big on empirical data and tech-speak, the film should be considered approachable for all audiences, and I fully support its viewing and wide distribution.


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  1. Paul Ellwanger says:

    Your pre-showing promo refers to Earth as a “planet”. This elementary error does not bode well for a factual film. It could also prompt genuine geocentrists to boycott the movie.

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