Biblical Reasons to Doubt Justin Taylor’s: “Biblical Reasons to Doubt the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods.”

Commentary by: Robert Sungenis
Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures
Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe.


Justin Taylor, Ph.D. is the executive vice-president of book publishing and book publisher for Crossway and blogs at Between Two Worlds. His contribution to the issue of how to interpret Genesis 1 is that he is advocating a modern Reformed Protestant position that Genesis does not teach a specific chronology of creation and does not give us a specific calendar that leads from Adam to Christ.

Besieged by what these Reformed theologians see as “difficulties” of the text of Genesis, they have more or less thrown in the towel, giving up the belief that Genesis 1-2 gives us an accurate day-by-day description of what occurred. Even though Moses, who wrote Genesis and did so by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (cf. Deut 31:24; 2Tim 3:16), gave us a specific chronology of both the creation and the genealogy that leads directly to Christ, these theologians have decided that the numbers of the Bible (e.g., Genesis 1:3: “and there was evening and morning the first day” and “Adam lived 130 years and had a son named Seth, and Adam lived 800 years after…”) are somehow not as trustworthy as the prose of the Bible.

Since the Bible’s numbers exclude us from accepting much of modern science’s claims from cosmogony, cosmology, paleontology, archeology, physics and chemistry that the Earth is billions of years old but which many of these theologians have either accepted in part or in whole, the only thing they believe can bridge the gap is to rework the Genesis text to allow the long ages that modern science teaches. In this way, they hope to make it appear that Genesis is not speaking literally and chronologically, even though, ostensibly, the Genesis text is doing both. Their methods are often very subtle and very clever, but in the end I will show you that they are very specious and very wrong.

Rest assured, it is not only “Reformed theologians” who have tried to make the Bible say something different than what the text actually says. “Reformed Catholics,” if you will, are just as guilty. If you pick up almost any popular Catholic Bible today (e.g., the New American Bible), the footnotes will try to convince you that what you are reading in the text of Genesis either didn’t actually occur or that only a very little actually occurred. In a word, they attempt to empty the Genesis text of its painstaking attention to numerical detail and turn it into mere poetic expressions that really aren’t specific about much at all. They do so for the same reason the “Reformed Protestants” do so – to make room for the theory of evolution, either for themselves, or, if they don’t believe in evolution, for their colleagues who do believe it. In this compromise everyone can be happy and few will be excluded. If you read Justin Taylor’s website, this ecumenical approach is his ultimate goal. In the end, it is just another of the many attempts to water down the Bible so that men of different beliefs can join together. Rest assured, however it is the greatest sin of our times.


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  1. It is not the word of our Father that is erred, it is the FALSE pen of the scribes as predicted by Jeremiah 8:8. For instance, some publications of the bible omit one word that has caused the earth age problems. Genesis 1:2 should read “And the earth CAME to be formless and
    empty and darkness was on the face of the deep”. The word CAME implies the first earth creation was destroyed, likely by the rebellion of Satan. So, it had to be recreated as again the word came would imply. This agrees with both sides of the argument.

    Genesis 1:14 gives us the first clue of an existence of a calendar. “And Elohim said, “Let lights come to be in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night and let them be for signs and appointed times and for days and years”. These lights of the heavens are the star constellations, which are the basis of the calendar. Genesis 1:16 gives us the pointers of the calendar, the sun and moon. Since we are not given any instructions to formulate a lunar calendar, the sun becomes master of the calendar. However, the religions of man have hidden the instructions on how to use the sun as master of the calendar.

    There exists two books that have been banned by the religions of man. These two books alone would destroy the religions of man and reveal them to be deceivers and Sabbath covenant breakers. Chapters 72-82 of the book of Enoch are the only scriptural instructions to formulate a calendar system. The book of Jubilees confirms this calendar system and authorizes Enoch to reveal the calendar, that the true Sabbath of our Father can be identified.

    The calendar of Enoch is a solar only calendar consisting of 364 counted days and one uncounted day. The new year begins with the spring equinox as the sun crosses the intersection of the ecliptic of the stars at the equatorial plane of the earth. The spring equinox is the first leader of the seasons. Per the instructions of Enoch 82, the four leaders of the seasons, the equinox/solstice days are not counted in the days of the months, but stand alone to lead their respective seasons. So, day one of month one begins with the day after the spring equinox.

    The calendar of our Father is self sustaining and self adjusting by using a universal time of twilight according to Israel Standard Time. The calendar needs no involvement by man, which is why the religions of man banned it. If you are interested, i’ll teach you the calendar. I can also prove Messiah Yahusha did not follow the lunar calendar of Judaism, nor the Sabbath of the Roman calendar. This is proven by what is known in astronomy circles as the spring phenomena. The spring phenomena is an event that occurs on alternating cycles of eight and eleven years. This event is an alignment of the calendar of Enoch and the lunar calendar of Judaism that also occurred on the crucifixion year of 30 AD and as recently as 2015. The next alignment of these calendars will occur in the spring of 2023.

  2. HUgh Beaumont says:

    A little OT, but how about a demo explaining the recent eclipse? More specifically, how does the shadow move across the US from a west to east direction? If earth is stationary, there has to be a relativity between the sun’s daily orbit and the moon’s. But why a shadow moving west to east?

    • Bruce Walters MD says:

      The earth is the stationary gravitational center of a rotating universe. The sun circles the earth, as does earth’s moon. When the moon in its orbit is directly between the stationary earth and the orbiting sun, then the shadow produced on the earth mpves, because the moon and the sun are both moving. The reason the huge sun can orbit the tiny earth is that all the gravitational forces of all the stars and planets in the whole universe are in perfect balance with each other.

  3. Michael Minnis says:

    “Black Matter” is suppose to be 96 percent of the Cosmos even though science knows absolutely nothing about it. Yet most scientists rely on this hypothetical to explain their theory of the Universe.

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