REVIEW: Hollywood Jesus

“The reality that every theory is based on matter that doesn’t exist just to keep a theory in check is questioned in this film. Without some “unseen” factors, some theories fall completely apart.”  ~ Hollywood Jesus Hollywood Jesus Review This movie will raise up questions about how we have come to our current information, how we apply new data and what this means for the previous accounts of our existence. Are […]

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The Principle received its seal from The Dove Foundation with 4 out of 5 stars!

  Dove Review “The Principle” is a fascinating documentary, utilizing animation, interviews with scientific experts, and a history of the greats, such as Copernicus and Einstein. It focuses on the science of the Earth and explores the possibility of a Creator, a grand designer. It quotes several scientists and philosophers, such as Carl Sagan, who said the Earth is an insignificant planet. But is it really? The film explores the […]

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REVIEW: Harry Ricker III- John Chappell Natural Philosophy Alliance | The Principle: Challenging The Intellectual Integrity Of Cosmology

This is the best science documentary film that I have ever seen. It puts physical science into its correct and proper place behind philosophy, logic, and religion, instead of superior to them, in terms of the definition of what is truth. It is a film that I wish that I had made, because it makes a difficult and complex technical subject easy to understand, by revealing the prejudicial bias of […]

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San Diego Living Interview – Understanding a Modern Scientific World View

Marc Bailey interviews Rick DeLano on San Diego Living about “The Principle”. Rick describes the conception of the film after new data was collected about our universe in 2005. This new data has given us a much larger view of the universe and we are able to see, and calculate, more then ever before. and what’s been discovered is shocking. Rick articulates that the controversy about this new data stems […]

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PRESS-ANCIENT ORIGINS: Radical new documentary claims Copernicus and four centuries of science is wrong.

  A new documentary called The Principle, which is due to be launched on 10th October, is set to take on more than four centuries of established belief in the Copernican Principle by presenting shocking new scientific evidence that suggests the Earth holds a special place within the cosmos. The film has already resulted in an absolute media frenzy, smear campaign, and storm of controversy as furious scientists vehemently defend […]

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