The Coming “Paradigm Shift” in “Pop Goes the Universe”

Commentary by: Robert Sungenis
Chairmen: Stellar Motion Pictures
Executive Producer: The Principle and Journey to the Center of the Universe.

Make no mistake about it. Science is more like a religion these days than it is empirical science. If you want to see examples of this, take a gander at the recent controversy elicited by the article that appeared in Scientific American titled, “Pop Goes the Universe,” when several well-known and respected mainstream physicists called the Inflation Theory of the Big Bang utter bunkum.

Inflation, if you are not aware, is a theory concocted by MIT professor Alan Guth in the early 1980s in order to take care of a big problem with the Big Bang (the primordial explosion of, well, they don’t really know what exploded but “something” exploded), which produced all that we see today, after, of course it cooled over the next 13.78 billion years into galaxies, stars, planets and even people.

Not only was the Big Bang a total denial of Scientism’s previous unbroken law (e.g., the Second Law of Thermodynamics that says random explosions proceed to increasing disorder, not increasing order, especially the complex order required by organic species), it was also a denial of the doctrinal decree made in 1905 by Albert Einstein who said that such rapid and all-pervading explosions were simply not possible, since any shrapnel propelled by the explosion was limited to the speed of 186,000 miles per second. At that slow rate, it would take about 1,300,000,000,000 billion years to make the universe, instead of the 13.78 billion that is presently touted.

So what is a modern scientist to do if he is confronted by such glaring anomalies in his theory? That’s easy. You just make up another ad hoc theory to cover up the first ad hoc theory. Since all the priests of Scientism believe that the Big Bang MUST BE TRUE, without any room for disbelief among Scientism’s parishioners, then the rest is nothing more than patch-work physics which will seek to plug any leaks in the theory with as many fingers as they can stick into the dike.


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