CONTEST: “The Principle” Shares Some Amazon and ITunes Reviews, And Asks You For Yours!

Happy New Year to all!

As 2017 looks more and more likely to be the year where the mainstream science press finally catches up with “The Principle” (THE POP SCI PRESS IS STARTING TO PICK SIDES OVER THE COPERNICAN PRINCIPLE), we have decided to start the New Year with a quick survey of what fans of “The Principle” are posting in their online reviews over at Amazon Video and ITunes.

We want to take the rest of January to give viewers a chance to post their comments and thoughts about “The Principle” on our Facebook page.

The top 3 selected reviews will get a free bundle of “The Principle” and the amazing 4 1/2 hour, 2 DVD-set follow up “Journey to the Center of the Universe”.

“The Principle” has always been a highly polarizing film, so it comes as no great shock that the largest category of ratings on the film at Itunes presently is “5 stars”.

The second largest is “1 star”.

And nothing in between.

At Amazon, by far the largest category is “5 stars”.

The second largest is…….you guessed it.

But one thing jumps right out- as Cajuntrucker posts in a December 9, 2016 ITunes review headlined “Amazing”:

“I am puzzled by the few low ratings. These people either didn’t watch the film or have a deeply ingrained bias that intelligence and facts can’t rattle.”

Amazon reviewer Chris P. Gargles dismisses “The Principle” as “garbage science”, but does not have a reply when asked by Joan Anne:

“Can you give an example of the garbage “science” in the film?



Some of the interesting comments at Amazon and ITunes:

5 stars: “An incredibly well done documentary, well thought out, well researched and put together with a very professional touch. A great change of pace for the typically more… low budget feel of Christian cinema. Fantastic science, and very well developed reasoning and logic that once again confirms the supremacy of the Creator God who is Himself the author of reasoning and logic.”
5 stars: “Think they make their case very well. If you watch with an unbiased eye, it will OPEN your eyes to new (actually, old and original) possibilities. This movie takes very deep and hard to understand theories and makes them palatable to the lay person and then challenges them in a very substantial, entertaining way. Worth the watch no matter what your opinion is now.”
5 stars: “this is a very well put together view into our world and universe, so much more factual then many are, highly recommended”

5 stars: “Very well done and interesting documentary, in the end Lawrence Krause (sp) shows how narrow minded the atheist is in viewing evidence and holding to his atheist religious views on the universe no matter what. He seems like a nice guy though, but really just amazes me how willingly ignorant some people can be in the face of obvious design.
The newer evidence presented in the end is quite good, and even the experiments from the past which to this day we can’t show that the earth is moving through space.”

5 stars: “…As I write this, I am in the middle of my third viewing. It would be great to watch with like-minded family and friends, when you can pause the film from time to time to discuss the concepts and flesh them out. I plan on buying copies for my family as Christmas gifts.”

And, just to give a taste of the 1 stars:

1 star: “Propaganda and cherry picking of select facts to prove a nonexistent point.”

(Three responses appear below this comment)

Joan Anne says:
“Can you give an example of the propaganda and cherry picking of facts?”

Anon says:
“I’d like those examples also, so I can proper evaluate, but I don’t think he’ll provide this information.”

Amazon Customer says:
“I don’t think he will either.”

And thus far at least, he hasn’t.


So now it’s your turn.

Tell us what you think about “The Principle”, and you could win The Universe! Or at least the two must-see documentaries that address our place and significance in it.

PS: Please watch it first. We will know.




2 Responses

  1. Richard Wilson says:

    On the topic of the universe , even excluding the possible existance of any parallel or neighboring universe , was This universe created by one being , I say , I don’t know. But was itcreated by a being , with the personallity most often prtrayed in the Bible , or conversations with believers , I will say absolutely NOT ! I refuse to believe that a universe as large and complex as this , was created by a being with no more emotional stability , than the average garden variety human. I am not an atheist , but I do believe that RELIGION was and still is , a method for one group of people , to control the lives and minds of others.
    That statement in Genisis that says God created man , in his own image , I believe to be precisely the opposite , according to most written and spoken versions of God I have ever heard of.

  2. Tim Brooks says:

    I think it’s Funny that most scientist and physicist haven’t realized they have created a religion.
    To Quote (every physicist): The universe is too perfect, but god requires faith. So I can’t believe in him, instead I will choose to believe in another farfetched concept I can’t prove or explain, The multiverse.

    Somebody needs to tell these guys that believing in something you can’t see or prove…isn’t that faith?
    Great movie!!!

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