Washington Post: Dark matter is apparently ‘darker’ than we thought

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Dark Matter: What’s in a name?
The Washington Post
The Article References a scientific findings report in Science Magazine, click here to read the Scientific Journal Report: Science Magazine

Given the failure to detect dark matter despite decades of effort, a new name is proposed in this article.

We thought some of the comments were even better:

    “It’s not “materia incognita”, it’s the aether.”
    “Maybe they should call it Nothing. If there is no dark matter a lot of money and paychecks will have been for Nothing.”
    “We should call it “model matter” because it does whatever our models want it to do.”

Here is a clip from The Pricinple that has Michio Kaku talking about ‘Dark Matter’.



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  1. jay jay says:

    Since I was a little girl, now 63 I loved the universe. I always knew and imanaged that the nothing we couldn’t see, was really something there. That actually was matter but invisable to the eye. Because you couldn’t see it didn’t mean it didn’t exist. Finally at 63 science proved I was right. There is no such thing as nothing..something is always there and with new technology we will find what is beyond the everlasting universe because it NEVER ENDS. Just like we use to think the earth was flat, the big bang doesn’t have an end and goes on and on and on, etc. And encompasses all Time, space for eternity. We will NEVER FIND AN END. VERTICALLY OR HORZONTALLY. ON AN ON AND ON IN BILLIONS OF DEMENSIONS.

    • Lynda says:

      “Science” has “proved” no such thing.

    • St. Longinus says:

      If only the grant monies were not ‘visible to the naked eye’; then “scientists” wouldn’t shove their dogma down the throats of the entire world via the oligarchies that pass themselves off as elected governments.

  2. Where is this film? says:

    Hey, I’m not from the US and this film still isn’t available via any electronic formats. I’d love to get my hands on it, before this is considered out of date.

    What is the approx time until it’s available in some form of download?

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