A Dozen Reasons Why You Should Buy: Journey to the Center of the Universe

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1. Journey begins where The Principle left off, since it delves ever so deeply into all the topics covered in The Principle but adds many more topics that The Principle simply did not have time to cover since it was originally made for the theaters. Journey is three times longer than The Principle and is thus able to be very detailed and comprehensive.

2. Whereas the graphics, music and cast for The Principle are stunning and could have won an Academy Award if it wasn’t for the opposition against it; the graphics, animations, historical artifacts, originally composed music, narration, subtitles and dubbing in Journey are professionally done and very captivating, most on par with what you have seen in The Principle.

3. Journey is the only DVD made in the history of mankind that directly and scientifically promotes the Catholic Church’s teaching that the Earth is motionless in space and the center of the universe, thereby showing that the Church was right and Galileo was wrong.

4. Journey defends the Church’s teaching by using Newtonian, Machian and Einsteinian physics—something which has never been done before—and thus there is little argument that can be made against it by secular science. In many places, Journey shows the audience the actual pages from the books and articles of Newton, Mach, Einstein, Lorentz, Fitzgerald, Hubble, Hawking, Hoyle, Ellis, Krauss, and many more physicists, astronomers and historians, admitting the viability of a geocentric universe and that their preference for heliocentrism can only be based on philosophical bias. All in all, Journey incorporates over 50 quotes from famous scientists admitting to the viability of a geocentric universe. Even a partial list of them runs for 20 minutes at the end of the movie.

5. Whereas The Principle only had time to give a cursory review of the 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment (the experiment that decisively showed the Earth was not moving in space), Journey is the first video to delve deeply into this experiment by providing over an hour’s worth of penetrating scientific analysis. As such, Journey shows in detailed and graphic analysis that Einstein invented Special Relativity in a vain attempt to counter the clear and indubitable results of Michelson’s experiment.

6. In addition, Journey covers both the 1913 Sagnac and the 1925 Michelson-Gale experiments that decisively demonstrate that the universe is rotating around a fixed Earth on a daily basis, and which experiments discredited both Special and General Relativity. Here as well, Journey shows that the GPS satellites also disprove Einstein’s theories but that this fact has been covered up by mainstream science.

7. Since The Principle did not have time to get into other esoteric scientific analysis of the popular historical proofs of heliocentrism, such as stellar parallax, stellar aberration, the Foucault Pendulum, the bulge of the Earth and the retrograde motion of Mars, Journey shows that each of these “proofs” have been discredited since all of them can be used to support a geocentric universe.

8. Whereas The Principle covered very well the data from the 2005 Sloan Digital Sky Survey showing that all the known the galaxies are geocentrically oriented, Journey adds more information about the galaxies, and then shows that that quasars and gamma ray bursters are also geocentrically oriented.

9. Whereas The Principle concentrated on the Axis of Evil and showed how the CMB Quadrupole is aligned with the Sun-Earth ecliptic, Journey adds that the CMB Dipole, which is 1000 times stronger than the Quadrupole, is aligned with the Earth’s equator, and that quasars and radio galaxies are aligned with the Earth’s north-south celestial pole, thus forming an X-Y-Z graph of the universe with Earth in the center of it all.

10. Whereas The Principle covered in some detail the fact that Edwin Hubble’s discovery of redshift put the Earth in the center of the universe, Journey goes into even more detail showing that the Big Bang, its expanding universe and its spatial curvature were merely an attempt to escape the fact that the scientific evidence placed Earth in the center of the universe.

11. As The Principle covered in detail the stunning evidence from the 2013 Planck probe, Journey exhibits the actual pages from the reports of the European Space Agency showing that the probe’s results defy the Big Bang and the Copernican Principle, as well as showing statements from top astrophysicists that both the 2001 WMAP and 2013 Planck probes point to a centrally located Earth. Journey also shows a top scientist admitting that a rotating universe is one of the best answers to why the CMB alignments have occurred.

12. Finally, Journey shows how the Neo-Tychonic geocentric universe is the most accurate geocentric model and how it answers all the phenomena we see in the universe, and it does so by using stunning graphics that incorporate the rotation of the universe with the CMB poles, the Zodiac, and the spiraling sun carrying its planets.

In short, Journey to the Center of the Universe will be unlike any other journey you have taken in life. As the movie opens it says, “the knowledge within has the power to change your life,” and indeed it does. Don’t expect to be the same once you see what we have to offer you.


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  1. Marlene Swanton says:

    I have supported geocentricism for years, since the book by Solange Hertz, and I fully support “The Principle” film, Rob Sungenis and Rick Delano and your new project, which I do hope I ill be able to see.

    • Thanks for your support, Marlene. Our next release will be Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right, An Historical Documentary. You’ll love it. It deals with the history between Galileo and the Church, and all that has happened since then, including John Paul II’s 1992 address to the Pontifical Academy of Science. Stay tuned.

  2. John Baxter says:

    Thank you for th DVD.
    In my mind I changed the title to Journey To Near The Center Of The Universe, beause Earth is 1 AU from the center.
    Thank you.

    • John, that depends on what center one has in view. In the geocentric universe, the Earth is the center of mass for the rotating universe; but the sun is the geometric center of the universe’s star field. The difference between those two points is 1AU.

  3. David H says:


    I have been persuaded for over 4 years that the Earth is at the Center of all things, even though I had absorbed conventional scientific schools of thought for decades before.

    But, as an Evangelical Christian who is not convinced that the Catholic Church is THE CHURCH, and very convinced that too many Catholic Doctrines are controverted by the simple scriptures, the original Aramaic scriptures, I always have to stop my full self-consent to all of your fine work.

    In other words, I wish you did not base all of your assumptions around the scientific correctness of the consistently human flawed Catholic Church doctrinology.

    Let science be science.

    Let the Universe itself attest to the Geocentricity principles.

    It does not need doctrinal allegiance to a deeply flawed history of Church proclamations and errors that plainly attest more to human foibles and sins than to Divine.

    Is there not a solid body of Scientific evidence for the present construction of the Universe without gluing it to Catholicism?

    Nevertheless, Thank you again, Robert, for a lifetime of valuable work!

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