Message From “The Principle” Producer/Writer Rick Delano For People Of Faith

Some ideas are so powerful that they have burned heretics, overturned civilizations, and turned our view of reality upside down.

The Copernican Principle is one of them.

This simple idea- that we occupy no specially favored or central location in the universe- lies at the very heart of the modern scientific world.

In fact, this single idea brings that modern world into existence.

Christians and people of faith generally have essentially forgotten the worldview of Genesis (be honest- when was the last time you really considered the implications of the astonishing last three words of Genesis 1:1?).

That ancient world viewed Earth as the center of creation; Christendom overwhelmingly concurred. For the medievals, Earth had to be the center of the universe, since it was the place of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, of the Son of God, for the redemption of the lost descendants of Adam.

The story of how that view of reality was completely overturned is one of the most fascinating in all of history, and it is the story of our film.

You see,  something amazing is happening……

The most recent and comprehensive scientific surveys of our universe are reporting inexplicable alignments of the very largest structures with supposedly insignificant Earth.

The simple question “what is our place in the cosmos?” has already overturned medieval Christendom with the Enlightenment; has already overturned the Enlightenment with Relativity, and has now returned to confront our most basic certainties yet again.

In the words of atheist physicist Lawrence Krauss:

“Could this be  Copernicus coming back to haunt us”?

Some ideas are so powerful that they have burned heretics, overturned civilizations, and turned our view of reality upside down.

“The Principle” is one of them.

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5 Responses

  1. Long-Skirts says:


    Oh, man, he writes
    Of other worlds
    Black holes
    And third dimensions.

    Creating parallel
    New planets
    Uphill ascensions.

    No birthing creatures,
    Just brilliant clones
    But don’t know how
    To use the phones

    Delivering worlds
    Of his design
    Through pens
    He moans and groans.

    He cannot understand
    It all
    Controls with
    New inventions.

    Jealous of God
    Man chooses to fall
    Using best
    Of birth preventions.

    While next to him
    An unseen world

    A black hole filled
    With brilliant life
    No artistic licensed

    And so the woman
    Holds his arm
    To balance on
    This earth

    While he is searching
    Seas and stars
    A soul, she births.

    Cannot WAIT to see this film!!

  2. Doug says:

    I wish you all of God’s blessings for you have faithfully remained in the good fight to bring this story, this wonderful new information from the scientific community, to us. While you have simply presented the data you collected in search of the truth, you have endured criticisms and slander. Know that I pray for you as you suffer. Enjoy the release in Chicago and hope we get a chance to see it here in North Carolina!

  3. Hi Rick. The Copernican principle absolutely matters, not just to your average believer who occasionally reads a little of the Bible and goes to church on Sundays, but it really matters to those of us who dig deeper into the Bible; like priests and pastors etc…, who’s faith is solid and well established – that is, until they run into the book of Joshua.

    You see, as a twenty something year old, I picked up the Bible and started to read Genesis, and of course “knowing” that the earth was millions of years old, when I read “six days” I said: “this is a fairy tale for adults, just like they say”. Needless to say, my faith in the Bible was destroyed for about a decade and a half until God drew me back. Joshua on the other hand is dangerous for the seasoned believer. Those that dig deeper into the Bible.

    If you’ve been raised believing that the earth rotates and orbits, even though you are a strong believer, when you read Joshua 10:12, you must conclude, in the deep recesses of your mind, that the Bible has just been “Busted”: “These “fakers” that wrote this “non-sense”, just got caught”. “They couldn’t possible have known what we know today; that, it is the earth that rotates, not the sun”.

    So then, a reasonable person who still wants to believe in God, (and not leaning on God but leaning unto their own understanding), would have to rationalize, that when God stopped the sun, He really stopped the earth’s rotation.

    I believe with all my heart that this scripture, above all others, is a pivot point and a separating point between being all-in and just going through the motions. The point where the Copernican principle and Joshua 10:12 intersect is the point where doubt is injected into the believer. And doubt, is the devils foot in your door.

  4. Rick,

    This is very good, you did a marvelous job.

    My best to all of you.

  5. Hello Mr. Delano – Enjoyed your appearance on Coast to Coast last night. The idea that we may have a very special place in this Universe rang true to me.
    In early 2008 came across a discovery that has enormous implications for our understanding of “reality”. The Greeks believed there are two types of time, chronological and kairos. Chronological is what we are familiar with but kairos is not linear it’s multidimensional.
    Have been collecting ancient coins for years. There is an image on hundreds of these coins (from around the globe) that I believe depicts this kairos time. The image contains 3 parts or axis that contain “the physical” the “spiritual” and “mankind”.
    I am calling this structure The Lost Architecture of Time which I believe is kairos time.
    To cut the the chase, this structure belongs in the center of our clocks and watches.; in other words we have been missing our guts or soul.
    This is not astrology but the granddaddy, it is at the center of every major civilization on Earth as a foundational principle. Have created 5 videos which are at Cro Magnon level of video production but manage to flesh out this incredible discovery. It’s not just the ancient world, this
    Image is found in the Dark Ages, Medieval and Renaissance as a strong
    flow thru history.
    Regards _ Robert Draper

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