Multiverse As Memory Hole: Sulu’s Star Trek Makeover

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Gotta love how ideas have consequences…..

Take the multiverse for example.

This speculation (it is defended in “The Principle” by Michio Kaku, Bernard Carr and Max Tegmark, and questioned as to its scientific admissibility by George Ellis) carries with it a certain delicious irony.

The Copernican enterprise- modern science, if you like- begins with the natural philosophers disdaining to participate in the theologians’ seemingly pointless debates concerning, for example, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

We arrive at the (dead) end of that enterprise, as the cosmologists debate how many universes can exist beyond any possible application of the actual scientific method to determine their characteristics.

Meanwhile, culture, as usual, drinks deeply of the Kool Aid concocted by certain of our scientific Olympians.

Which brings us to the new Star Trek flick.

As most have probably heard by now, Lt. Sulu has been given a full makeover, in the latest instance of virtue signaling from Hollywood’s hegemonic gender Left.

Sulu, you see, is now gay.

Except he wasn’t.

History stands in the way of progress (as is so often the case) because Lt. Sulu was a notably libidinous hetero in many of the original Star Trek episodes.




Cosmology to the rescue!

Comes now the resourceful and scientifically hip screenwriter to explain how such problems are resolved in the Brave New World:

“Our Trek is an alternate timeline with alternate details. Whatever magic ingredient determines our sexuality was different for Sulu in our timeline. I like this idea because it suggests that in a hypothetical multiverse, across an infinite matrix of alternate realities, we are all LGBT somewhere. Whatever dimension we inhabit, we all just want to be loved by those we love*.

Well then.

It ought to follow that somewhere in all those hypothetical multiverses there exists a Sulu who was a straight guy played by a gay actor, who stands up and resists this Memoryholing of his character and of his work and of the integrity of the originator Gene Roddenberry’s vision.

Why, so there is!

It happens to be this one.

The only one where we can actually, you know……





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  1. Gerald Parker says:

    It was at least a decade before the venture of “The Principle” that I began to realise the viability of the reality of geo-centrism. That does not mean that I am fanatically attached to the revival of that theory. Where the truth comes out in the end is fine with me. It is these atheistic scientists who hang their entire identities and world views upon helio-centrism and to what that developed in the history of science and of scientism who feel threatened, not I. They are willing, thus, to be the worse fools when “the chips fall where they will” as cosmology develops and eventually coalesces.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the warning… I was planing to go see this new flick.. but to see characters changed by gay people who want to force their homo sexual transvestite perverted behaviors into normal life is not what I support or want to pay money to see.

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