New Trailer And Pre-Order “The Principle” Movie DVD/BluRay

“The Principle” is the movie Big Science doesn’t want you to see.


Because “The Principle” is the movie that shows Big Science struggling in the face of absolutely stunning new observations that show Earth as the center of the universe.

On camera. In their own words.

There is an excellent reason why this film has been targeted by perhaps the most hysterically dishonest disinformation campaign ever lavished upon a science documentary (even “Expelled”!).

The reason is:
If the Earth is the center of the universe, then every basic assumption of physics for the last four hundred years collapses in a pile of smoking ruins.

One fundamental assumption underlies all of modern cosmology, and that assumption is: WE ARE NOT SPECIAL.

If the Earth is the center of the universe then the entire atheist conception of reality is finished. Any reasonably well informed student of history understands this.

Buckle up. “The Principle” will be released worldwide on DVD/BluRay and for streaming on December 8, 2015.

Pre-Order Here:

Please consider making this a most significant Christmas gift this year!

And remember to watch our FREE MINI DOCUMENTARY “Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy To Stop The Principle”, premiering November 17.

It will bring many things into focus. ‪#IAmSignificant‬



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  1. Andrew Houcek says:

    It’s about time!
    We all need to question and search for the truth. I hope everyone has the opportunity to see and contemplate this information.
    Thank you for your work, I see it as a gift to humanity.

  2. Peter Sontrop says:

    Streaming not working. Will not let me rent it. Keeps telling me the “zip code” I supplied did not validate……we use Postal Codes in Canada. Please help! Have been waiting for this for a very long time!

  3. I have been dying to see this movie or better still, own it, since it was released. I watched the two interviews on Mic’d Up of Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano, by Michael Voris. and would love to meet Robert Sungenis and Rick Delano.

    I am an old Catholilc lady, living in a Catholic Old Age Home in Durban, South Africa, with little money. But I could get this movie to be seen by a lot of people, the Home here, my family and my friends. How does one get hold of this film, because I understood it had been released only in the U.S.A., to a few selected cinemas about a year ago. I am DYING to see it. I have been a geocentrist for years. Geocentrism is sheer logic.

    I would also love to read Robert Sungenis’ book “Galileo was Wrong : The Catholic Church was right”. People here in Durban have never heard of these things. Please give me some good advice how to go about getting the film, and also the book., if possible. My very best wishes to those two brave gentlemen Catholics. Thank you and God bless, M. Swanton

  4. Johan van Greunen says:

    Good day,

    Id there perhaps a distributor of this movie in South Africa?

    Please let me know.


    Johan van Greunen

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