Commentary by: Rick Delano
President: Stellar Motion Pictures
Producer/Writer: The Principle

Three major stories talking about the place and significance of earth in the universe have appeared in the major popular science press recently, and those of you who have watched The Principle will feel like the pop sci world is finally starting to catch up!

We will be publishing examinations of each of these stories and of the studies which have inspired them in the coming months.

First up, New Science magazine published in its October 2016 edition a story whose title says it all:

“The Universe Lines Up With The Axis Of Evil. Coincidence?” ( utm_source=NSNS&utm_medium=ILC&utm_campaign=webpush&cmpid=ILC%7CNSNS%7C2 016-GLOBAL-webpush-UNIVERCOIN )

Most of the attention is focused on a paper titled “Preferred axes in cosmology”, which posted on the Cornell University preprint site ( ) on May 16, 2016,

To read this paper is to understand that everything we tell you about the “Axis of Evil” in “The Principle” has been not merely confirmed, but extended in ways that ultimately point even more strongly in the direction of universe-spanning alignments of galaxies, quasars, and other objects with supposedly-insignificant Earth.

Just take a look at some of the conclusions:

“Among all the anomalies, several ones are direction dependent. For instance, the alignment of the CMB low multipoles, for example, from l = 2 to l = 5 seem to be pointing to a common direction. If the explanation for this anomaly is cosmological, it indicates that there is a preferred direction in our universe, which is a significant violation of the cosmological principle.”

And here the Big One is dropped:

“Most importantly, we find that all these preferred directions are coincident with the direction of CMB kinematic dipole.”

“CMB kinematic dipole” is the term for the most prominent feature in the CMB, a thousand times more prominent than the quadrupole and octupole, and which is universally assumed to result from the velocity of our local group of galaxies.

BUT… addition to the CMB alignments, the paper points out:

“…..preferred directions were also reported in a number of other cosmological observations: the velocity flows [24], quasar alignment [25], anisotropy of the cosmic acceleration [26, 27], the handedness of spiral galaxies [28], and angular distribution of the fine-structure constant [29]. Even though there are many debates [30–34], it was also reported that all these preferred directions seem to coincide with the CMB kinematic dipole.”

It means that the universe, on its very largest scales, is picking out a special direction RELATED TO US.

But that is completely preposterous, you say.

It would mean that all of science over the past 500 years has gotten it wrong on the very idea that brought the modern world into existence.

Yes, exactly,
That is exactly what it means, and it is exactly what we now see.

The data have been carefully checked and re-checked over the past dozen years or so and the results are in:

“If these anomalies are due to cosmological effects…they indicate the violation of the cosmological principle. So, one should consider to build a new cosmological model to explain the large scale data.”

If any of you remember our very first trailer for “The Principle”- the one that stirred up such a firestorm of controversy- feel free to go ahead and chuckle.

We summed up the essential result of these latest studies in Kate Mulgrew’s very first line: “Everything we think we know about our universe is wrong.”

We have waited now, for two years, for the scientific community to work its way through the new data, and we are happy to report to you that our film was the very first to report these anomalies, and that the scientific content of “The Principle” stands as solid as a rock today.

But get ready, because the other side of the pop science press has decided upon a novel approach to rescue the Copernican Principle, and hence standard cosmology itself, from oblivion.

More on that next time.



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  1. Dear Mr. Delano,
    You need to get together with Mr. Hugh Owen.
    This needs to all be pieced together at how BAD Catholics undermined the Authority of the Church through a corrupt Catholic Nikolas Copernicus and his bad bishop/Cardinal friends of Pope Paul III who had 5 illegitimate children, he was compromised. Copernicus knew what he was doing he was educated by his Bishop Uncle his mothers brother, he was educated in the best of Catholic schools due to his uncle and his influence, he was a mathematician, lawyer and physician. He was also a supporter of Martin Luther and so were his high ranking friends close to the Pope at the time.
    He paved the way for Darwin’s theory which has been the downfall of our children believing in God and a society what will kill its own offspring, why because we believe we are not significant in placement of the earth or on the food chain since we are only animals we can act like them.
    Breed with who ever what ever we want and kill our unborn because we are and have animal instinct and we are not significant.
    You are proven that PIECES OF SILVER make people do and say things that are contrary to the truth. You found that out by doing this documentary.
    Please get in contact with Mr. Hugh Owen from the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation make another film and include that this was a premeditated plan by lucifer himself to undermine the Church.
    Fr. Chad Ripperger told me in October at a seminar for generational healing that lucifer was behind evolution. He would know he is an exorcist.
    May God bless keep fighting to get the truth heard we are running out of time to help save souls.

  2. Jamie Flores says:

    Excellent infoirmation !!

  3. Ron E says:


    Paradigm Shift underway!

  4. Ed Weir says:

    Thank you!! I wish you God Speed in turning the “atheist” USA Christian lifestyle on it’s head.

  5. Jim wells says:

    I lcant tell you how excited I am about the work you are doing ant the questions you are raising with respect to our place in the universe. The church is doing all it can to find common ground with “scientism” but your work is demonstrating there is a planned effort in science to keep God at the margins (if not blot him out all together) good luck with that! But thank you so much for your courage.

  6. Steve D. says:

    I’ve been following these discoveries and various interpretations of the data over the past four years and I’m thoroughly fascinated by the potential changes to our current world view.

    The linked paper titled “Preferred axes in cosmology” infers that due to the strong correlation in alignment between the CMB kinematic dipole (which apparently is directly related to the motion of our local group of galaxies) and other observed preferred directions, suggests the other preferred directions may result from some unknown systematical or contamination errors in observation, or in data analysis similar to what is found in the CMB kinematic dipole. It seams the authors are suggesting the observations may have no significance beyond being mere artifacts of our motion through universe relative to the CMB, making the alignments seem more of an optical illusion than absolute preferred frames of reference inherent in the cosmos.

    Hoping you can comment and correct me if I’m wrong.


    • Rick Delano says:

      Zhao and Santos are perfectly correct in their assessment.

      We are faced with two possibilities.

      1. The Copernican Principle is falsified, and all of standard Big Bang cosmology along with it,


      2. Every cosmological observation over the last 50 years is contaminated by an unknown systematic error.

      Notice that Door Number 2 suffers from several notable defects.

      First, it is an appeal to what we do not know, in order to ignore what we otherwise do.

      Second, the systematic error would have to be picking out TWO special directions, and NEITHER of them can be related to the motion of the earth.

      If you have the DVD of The Principle, watch the special feature “New Science” and recognize that the systematic error would have to involve two opposite directions of motion at three drastically different velocities.

      Also notice that the quadrupole and octupole alignment cannot be due to our motion either, we cannot be moving in two directions at once.

      So my money in on Door Number One, but I certainly appreciate the authors’ desires to check for systematic error.

      It is good science to do so.


  7. Steve D. says:

    Thanks for confirming that Rick. I purchased the iTunes download, so as far as I can tell I don’t have access to the “New Science” feature. However I agree, as it currently stands, the data speaks well for Door Number One and it’s difficult to see how it can be harmonized with the standard model without appealing to a purely philosophical construct (one example being the assumed quantum vacuum/multiverse, which on the surface appears to be just an ad hoc intellectual device used to explain away the problem data). It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out…hope it happens in our lifetimes.

    • Rick Delano says:

      Things are heating up now.

      The Principle has reached enough people now that the cat cannot be put back in the bag, at least.

  8. Alan Malizia says:

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. The chaos in the world today is due to the very reason that civilization has been following the wrong cosmic model since the 1600’s.

    • Rick Delano says:

      Thanks very much, Alan.

      You words above are true, and, like a retrograde inversion in a Bach fugue, so are these:

      The fact that civilization has been following the wrong cosmic model since the 1600’s is the very reason for the chaos in the world today.

      “Everything’s relative”.

      “”Dude, that’s YOUR reality”.

      Cosmology is everything.

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