Why The Principle is the Most Dangerous Movie Ever

Mark Wyatt

Why is The Principle so dangerous? Why is there a media blackout about The Principle? The media is not blacking out Citizenfour, an interesting and positive documentary about Edwards Snowden, a man practically accused of being a traitor to the United States by some and hero by others. The media had no problem praising Brokeback Mountain, a very pro-homosexual movie.The media did not hush up The Cider House Rules, a movie that presented a “loving” side to abortion. Sure, they did produce some ruckus around The Passion of Christ, as well as some criticism of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but they did not in the end go silent on them. Part of the reason for the last two, is that they just could not succeed, and eventually that will happen with The Principle (and it is already starting).

The interesting question is why is The Principle so controversial- a simple film about cosmology? What controversial topic does The Principle deal with? Not treason or releasing government secrets to the enemy; not homosexuality; not abortion; nothing that could be called anti-semitic; there were one time statements by some of the interviewees that perhaps they were misled in the interviews or that bits and pieces of interviews were patched together form the internet, the strongest of those which were withdrawn after the fact (see this). Journalists often interview people about uncomfortable topics- this is called investigative journalism, and it often uncovers crimes and corruption. These journalists are often lauded as heroes.

The answer is very simple. The Principle asks uncomfortable questions relating to the very nature of man, God, and the universe, and garners answers that are very different than the mythology that has been painstakingly and at great cost developed over the last four centuries.

The Principle demolishes in 90 minutes in the imago Dei minds of men what took 400 years of stubbornly crafted propaganda to create.

Even as experiment after experiment and observation after observation began challenging the mythology, science itself was modified to maintain the myth, and all aspects of society were conscripted to maintain it.

The Principle reverses all that in 90 minutes. The Principle must be stopped at all costs. Do not allow The Principle to be stopped.


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  1. Gerry Zipf says:

    Coming to Philadelphia any time soon?

  2. Bob Hinnenkamp says:

    I honestly agree that the premise seems to contradict common sense, but I refuse to grant a group of people the power to determine how I think without getting an opportunity to view the evidence for myself.

  3. Herman says:

    How soon can we see this in South Carolina? I am looking forward to seeing it soon in Florence, SC. The sooner the better. I like to make my decisions with input from all sides of the issue! I can think for my self. I don’t need the media or government to tell me what I should or should not watch or believe! Thanks for the time, Herman

  4. Vlad says:

    When will The Principle come to Switzerland or online download/BluRay ? Thanks in advance.

  5. Patricia Forman says:

    When will it be in the Joplin Missouri area or when can we purchase it?

  6. Ed Aguilar says:

    Dr. Sungenis (the Executive Producer) is a master debater and theologian. I would love to see Sungenis debate the cosmological physicists and critics regarding the subjectmatter of this documentary. A series of scholarly debates regarding the scientific merits of THE PRINCIPLE would be most helpful. But instead of “debunking” the scientific merits of the movie, the physicists and critics (such as The Young Turks) are engaging in character assassination and trying to shift the topic of discussion away from the science presented in the film. So who’s behaving like the a religious fanatic, here? Let’s focus on, and debate, the science please. After all, the movie simply presents the physicists own data to them and questions them about it.

  7. Sylvain Levesque says:

    I would like to get the blue ray , there is any chance to get it..

    • theprinciplenews says:

      DVD’s will be released after our theatrical run, and we will let everyone know when they are available. As for now, let’s get it to your city! Click here to Bring The Principle to your city

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