“The Principle” Launches on DISH Network PPV!”

Many thanks to the hundreds of thousands who have shown the interest and taken the time to watch “The Principle”, which has proven over the three years since its release to have been one of the most prophetic and important science documentaries ever made.

As readers of the features and updates we have run throughout the past two years will know, the science has moved dramatically to support what, at the time of the release of “The Principle”, was considered a radical question indeed: has the foundational assumption of standard cosmology concerning our place in the universe- the Copernican Principle- been falsified by the recent large-scale cosmology surveys of the recent decades?

It certainly would appear so:

Now is probably as good a time as any to confirm that we have received funding commitments for our next film, and this process has consumed a good bit of the time we would typically have been able to allocate to further updates concerning the science, but suffice it to say that “The Principle” ought to be viewed by every interested stakeholder in the modern scientific enterprise.

What is at stake is nothing other than our present worldview.

Thanks again from our hearts to all of you who have made this film impossible to bury, and tell a friend- we launch on the DISH Network PPV on October 6.

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3 Responses

  1. absolutely mind blowing

  2. Simon Brissenden says:

    I just finished watching The Principle on iTunes. I thought it was a very well made and thought provoking documentary. I’m disappointed that the scientific community has been so dismissive of it.

    I studied physics at university and I’ve been fascinated by these issues for some time. I heard Julian Barbour say on a CBC radio documentary (“Living on Oxford Time”) that Julius Caesar is just as much alive as we are, because we live in a General Relativity frozen universe. This didn’t seem right to me, so I tried to come up with a better theory. I eventually came up with something I call Big Bubble Theory. It challenges much of the conventional wisdom in Cosmology while still honouring the data, and does so without throwing away the Copernican principle.

    Needless to say, I can’t get anyone in the academic science/cosmology world to take me seriously either, and I can’t get it published in the academic press, so I feel your pain!

    Big Bubble Theory provides a scientific basis for many of the issues you raised in your film without needing to invoke theological or anthropomorphic arguments. It has a completely different origin for the the CMB, eliminates dark matter and dark energy, eliminates Friedmann-Le Maitre expansion of space (which is not backed up by any experiment apart from Hubble redshift measurements) and I believe it may even provide a mechanism by which rotational planes of galaxies and stars are aligned in at least one dimension (they are all taking place on the thin 4D surface of a universal bubble). It also provides a new take on what time is, and puts Julius Caesar back in his coffin.

    Send me an email if you’d like a copy of the scientific paper.

    Thanks again for a thought provoking and well made documentary!

    Simon Brissenden
    Lund, BC, Canada

  3. Ted Kopp says:

    Is thr 4hr documentary (Journey…) being promoted on these runs? That really had more of an impact on me. I suspect more people.

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