THE PRINCIPLE AND messageNOW: Fake News and How To Beat It

“The Principle” was carpet-bombed before its theatrical release with perhaps the most awesome Fake News barrage in the history of documentary filmmaking.

After we released “Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy To Stop The Principle”, which essentially vaporized the “Captain Janeway and the Seven Cosmologists” media fairy tale which was retailed on almost 150 news outlets, a cone of silence descended and media coverage of the film virtually ceased, as, perhaps, telegraphed by Lawrence Krauss on NPR:
“If others bring up the film, the best thing we can do is tell them to not to waste their time or money either watching it or talking about it. Maybe then it will quickly disappear into the dustbin of history, where it belongs.”

Well, it didn’t.

Why not?

One big reason is the brilliant counter-strategy designed and implemented by Van Nguyen and her incredible network of associates at MessageNOW.
When “The Principle” was scheduled for release on Itunes and Amazon, we needed to somehow find a way to get media attention focused on the film in advance of our August 2016 launch.

“At first, it was a little scary”, Van says.

“You look at politics today and people not only are ready to judge you, but to actually blacklist you if you don’t see things their way.”

(Well, Van, we wouldn’t know anything about that…)

“The Principle” is such a powerful documentary, in that it challenges something so widely believed. I certainly had a twinge at first about coming aboard. But I think I was at a time in my life when I was ready to take on something challenging.”

Van and her messageNOW network of associates came up with a beautifully conceived and executed media campaign designed to lead up to our Itunes and Amazon launch, starting with a full three-hour appearance on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, moving on to coverage in the LA Times and Forbes, and culminating in appearances on the US and Canada versions of the Gavin McInnes Show and a remarkable interview with Steve Bannon on Breitbart Sirius XM Radio (this turned out to be the last interview Mr. Bannon conducted for Breitbart- two days later he was appointed to run Donald Trump’s presidential campaign!).

“I would do a lot of due diligence on the journalists we wanted to speak to, and I would try and find an angle that would appeal to them and their audience. My heart was raised and I would actually get enthusiastic about it, whether I got a yes or a no. It was actually quite a lot of fun!”

We had our second highest sales day ever the day after the Breitbart interview ran, and the next few months saw a steady stream of interviews on smaller but highly targeted blogs and podcasts, all of which served to maintain the momentum and keep “The Principle” expanding its reach and impact.

The results?

We have simply gone around the Fake News media and re-branded the film, and found a world- wide audience.

“The Principle” has since expanded its international reach by signing with Vubiquity for TVOD on fifteen cable and satellite TV networks throughout Latin America, launching this month.

And now, following a repeat appearance by Writer/Producer Rick DeLano on Coast to Coast AM on February 2nd (and another huge spike in website traffic and sales), “The Principle” is being readied for an expansion of worldwide digital distribution to include TVOD, cable, satellite, and subscription-based streaming services.

Thanks to the gutsy and creative strategies developed and executed by Van Nguyen and her network of associates at MessageNOW, “The Principle” is very happy to be able to say that Lawrence Krauss’ fond hopes that we would “disappear into the dustbin of history” have been dashed irreparably.

We are just getting started.

There is so much more to come…….

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