The Principle Podcast Episode 10: Extended Interview Robert Bennett



Episode 10 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with Robert Bennett.


About Robert Bennett:

Robert J. Bennett, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology, with a thesis on rigid body motion in General Relativity. He has been a software architecture consultant to Bell Labs and Fortune 500 firms, after teaching physics at Manhattan College and Bergen Community College. Research now is in progress on several books. Dr. Bennett has written Chapter 10, a detailed, technical and mathematical explanation of the various arguments for Geocentrism. He has served as a consultant for the entire Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right project.



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  1. Otto Mazzilli says:


    I’m sending you the letter I sent to the school to be printed. This is about “Galileo being wrong. I finally committed or maybe I should be.  Let’s see what happens.

    Lately I’ve been thinking Geocentric thoughts especially when I notice that all flights to and return have the same time and miles, approximately,

    I thought I would try it on a few people that may know what I’m talking about and get their reaction. Hope you don’t mind.

    From: Otto Mazzilli []
    Sent: Friday, September 9, 2016 3:28 PM
    To: Beth Kissinger (


    Hi pretty Lady it’s been a while since I’ve seen you but not too long since I’ve corresponded with you. Lately I have been
    thinking about whether the earth is spinning or not and I would like to present the following challenge to the engineers
    by way of the Indicator’s letter to the editor.

    Otto Mazzilli
    Stevens ‘57

    Fellow Engineers, I would like to present a challenge to you all especially the retired ones
    who have a lot of extra time on their hands. Lately I’ve been thinking Geocentric thoughts,
    especially when I notice that all flights to and return have the same time and miles, approximately.
    I selected a flight that made a lot of publicity namely,

    Lindbergh’s Flight from NY to Paris France in 1927 – 3610 Miles in 33.5 Hours or 108 mi/hr.

    They say that Earth’s rotation at Equator = 1041.6 mi/hr. (25,000 mi. /24 hrs.).
    NYC’s earth’s rotation =790 mi/hr. [Cos. of Latitude of NYC (40.7 degrees = 0.758) x earth’s rotation at equator].

    1041.6mi/hr. (0.758) = 790 mi/hr.

    Earth’s rotation = 790 mi/hr. Lindbergh’s flight = 108 mi/hr.

    If earth is really rotating west to east, Lindbergh would never get there.

    Come on engineers, do the math. We’ve been conned long enough. Engineers, do you remember learning about earth’s rotation being including in the trajectory formulas? Neither do I.

    Don’t let Philosophy cloud your technical judgement. Treat it as you would Humanities
    when considering technical matters. Certainly these disciplines have their value,
    and both have their historical perspective but I’ve come view to history as the combination of 2 words, HIS-STORY.

    Can it be that Galileo and therefore Copernicus were wrong and the Catholic church was right after all?

    Geocentrism anyone?

  2. kopp says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this pretty recent paper: Showing another anisotropy(of galaxy morphology) in the hyperleda database, aligned with the equator and ecliptic.

  3. kopp says:

    oops, forgot to post the link in the previous post:

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