The Principle Podcast Episode 8: Extended Interview Martin Selbrede

Episode 8 from “The Principle” podcast is extended interview excerpts with Martin Selbrede.

About Martin Selbrede:
Martin G. Selbrede is the Vice-President of the Chalcedon Foundation and senior researcher for the organization’s ongoing work of Christian scholarship. He has written numerous articles, essays, and position papers for such publications as Faith for All of Life, the Chalcedon Report, and The Journal of Christian Reconstruction. He has traveled extensively to speak on behalf of Christian Reconstruction and the Chalcedon Foundation and is considered one of the foremost experts in the thinking of R. J. Rushdoony. He resides with his wife, Kathy Selbrede, in Austin, Texas.



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  1. Charles Radebaugh says:

    How does geo-centrism account for the Earth’s apparent rotation on its axis as viewed from the Moon (or in transit to/from the Moon) by astronauts? It’s hard to believe that such straightforward observations could be wrong.

    • theprinciplenews says:

      There is simply no way to determine whether the earth is rotating or the spacecraft is being carried along in a diurnal rotation of the star field.

      Observations would be precisely the same under either assumption.

  2. 31/07/16 I bought a copy of the PRINCIPLE on DVD and I liked it very much, as it does make a lot of sense when analysed. I heard that there is a part II to the PRINCIPLE? What is it called?
    I studied physics and maths at university & what has been mentioned in the above INTERVIEW about PHYSICS and the so-called knowledge of it being FLAWED, is so true of many topics which are assumed by the public to both be correct and true. Too much of modern-day knowledge is more of a CONTROL the minds of the masses mechanism, so that people don’t open up to the much greater spiritual universe, and its incredible and fascinating possibilites. Unfortunately we are on a PRISON PLANET, when it comes to TRUTHFUL INFORMATION with very few people actually voicing the TRUTH. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes, Steve

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