The Principle Special Feature: Conversations Now Available On Demand


In October of 2014, one of the most controversial scientific documentaries of our time was theatrically released.

“The Principle” has proven to be far, far ahead of the curve in terms of subsequent scientific developments, as shown in the Special Feature “New Science”, available on the DVD and Bluray, and also here.

Another Special Feature included on the DVD and Bluray is now made available for rental or purchase, this one entitled “Conversations”.

In this 40 minute feature, we present some of the more remarkable- and in some cases, prophetic- observations of the interviewees which did not make the final cut of the film.

Max Tegmark of MIT discusses why he believed, even back in 2011, that we had taken the Copernican/cosmological Principle “too far”.

It certainly seems he was right about that, given the title of the 2017 study referenced in one of our recent updates.

On the other hand….Max promotes his notion of a mathematical multiverse, which strikes me as, simply put, ridiculous in the extreme.

Reality does not reduce to quantity- the qualities are real, and are not susceptible of any mathematical representation. This simple fact suffices to demolish Max’s “multiverse made of math” completely, and one hopes his recent retreat from his 2011 assertions about an “infinite” multiverse will ultimately be accompanied by an acknowledgement on his part that mathematics can never- even in principle- express the richness of our reality which includes, first and undeniably, the qualities.

As a last insight, Max reports to us his opinion that the internet changes the ability of “conservatives” to impose constraints upon scientific ideas, and o! How ironic this is.

It is completely true, Max, that the internet has facilitated the wide dissemination of such unwelcome interventions as “The Principle” itself- in which you shine very brightly indeed, by the way, and which in a relatively few short years has managed to emerge from the “Captain Janeway and the Seven Cosmologists” media hoax looking pretty spiffy indeed for the long haul.

The very long haul.

This is just the first five minutes of this Special Feature, which is well worth the price of the DVD/Bluray in itself, and includes extensive interview segments with all the Big Guns ( in addition to Tegmark- Kaku, Krauss, Ellis, etc) and also some fascinating input from our mavericks (Sungenis, Hartnett, etc).

If you prefer, the Special Feature is now available separately.

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