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Copernicus, Science, & Religion
Date: 01-07-15
Host: George Noory

Career-long insider of the entertainment industry, independent scholar and intellectual outlierRick DeLano will discuss his work researching theories of astronomy, Copernicus and the political and religious fallout resulting from changes in scientific discoveries. He’ll review recent scientific discoveries which can’t disprove that Earth may be the center of the universe, and recap the power struggles over the last several hundred years between the church and science over who controls the narrative of the creation saga.

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2 Responses

  1. Could you please inform me as to the times of the showing in Spokane, Washington as soon as possible.

  2. Mark Wyatt says:

    Hi Frank:

    Here are some dates/times. You can reserve at this link:

    Available Now For 1/23/15 Opening
    Address: River Park Square, 808 West Main Avenue #334, Spokane, WA 99201
    Phone:(509) 458-7578

    Choose your date:
    1/23 | 1/24 | 1/25 | 1/26 | 1/27 | 1/28 | 1/29

    11:50AM 2:50PM 5:15PM 7:40PM 10:00PM

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