REVIEW: Harry Ricker III- John Chappell Natural Philosophy Alliance | The Principle: Challenging The Intellectual Integrity Of Cosmology

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This is the best science documentary film that I have ever seen. It puts physical science into its correct and proper place behind philosophy, logic, and religion, instead of superior to them, in terms of the definition of what is truth. It is a film that I wish that I had made, because it makes a difficult and complex technical subject easy to understand, by revealing the prejudicial bias of scientists, who pretend to discover truth based upon proof and evidence, but who really promote preconceived prejudices. It takes cosmology, the science of the universe, out of the hands of experts, and shows that what the experts believe is wrong, and that they base their opinions, not upon scientific facts, but upon unproven assumptions. The main unproved assumption that this film addresses is the Copernican Principle. This is an assumption, unproven of course, that is elevated by scientific language to make it sound like it is something more than just a biased preconceived conclusion without substantiated proof or convincing evidence to justify it.


About Harry Ricker III:

Harry Hamlin Ricker III is a retired electrical engineer who writes commentaries on physical science, science history, impact of science on society and the philosophy of science. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. He has worked for Illinois Institute Of Technology Research Institute, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and Communications Satellite Corporation. He has been an amateur astronomer for nearly 50 years and was leader of the Natural Philosophy Alliance relativity interest group for five years. He lives in Newport News, VA.


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  1. Ralph Humphrey says:

    Journalist Margaret Wertheim, herself an NPA member and friend and associate of one of its founding members (Jim Carter, inventor of the fringe theory of circlons),[15] speculated in a 2012 essay that much of the interest in this area is a response to the heavy mathematical content and abstract ideas underlying conventional scientific theories, which, she says, makes them inaccessible to the general public.[16][17][18] She compares NPA with the revolt of Martin Luther against the Catholic church.[16][17][18] However, journalist John Horgan, a friend of Wertheim’s, reported that “When [Wertheim] attended an NPA meeting… it reminded her of an experiment in which three schizophrenic patients, each of whom believed he was Christ, were introduced to each other… Each concluded that the others were crazy. Watching presenters at the NPA meeting, Wertheim comments, was like ‘watching thirty Jesus Christs.’”[19]

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