REVIEW: Hollywood Jesus


“The reality that every theory is based on matter that doesn’t exist just to keep a theory in check is questioned in this film. Without some “unseen” factors, some theories fall completely apart.”  ~ Hollywood Jesus

Hollywood Jesus Review
This movie will raise up questions about how we have come to our current information, how we apply new data and what this means for the previous accounts of our existence. Are we truly just a result of a big cosmic bang, and did we just appear from nothing? Is our sun the center of the solar system, giving earth the feeling of nothing special? Are there other life forms out there, living their lifetime without knowing we exist?
Or are we created, significant and special by a creator with a plan? Is the earth a special place, hand picked and populated intentionally by a God who is infinite? Do the cosmos entirely point to us, on earth, and until recent years, no one wanted to compromise the theories of so many physicists and theorists?

Does this new information mean we must start over from the beginning, with new technology and new formulas to prove whether our existence is intentional or not?


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