Statement From “The Principle” Executive Producer Robert Sungenis Addressing Accusations of Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial



The Principle is the first-ever film devoted to examining and questioning a widely accepted scientific concept that has defined mankind’s place in the cosmos: The Copernican Principle. However, members of the media have ignored the artistic merits of the film and its science-based arguments to instead voice baseless accusations of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial against its executive producer, Robert Sungenis.

What follows is a statement from Robert Sungenis addressing these slanderous allegations as well as a statement from writer/producer Rick DeLano.

Statement of Robert Sungenis regarding Anti-Semitism and accusations of Holocaust Denial:

“My career is that of a theologian. For over twenty years I have examined, questioned and critiqued every religion including Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, and even my own religion, Catholicism. But that makes me no more anti-Semitic than it makes me anti-Catholic. Unfortunately, some of my past comments have been taken out of their political or religious context and have been mistakenly or maliciously applied as some personal animus toward the Jewish people at large. Let me state this clearly, and, I hope, for the last time: I am not now, nor ever have been, nor ever could have been, anti-Semitic. I do not, nor have ever, denied the tragic and unforgettable occurrence of the Holocaust or its impact on the Jewish people.

The Principle deserves to be judged on its own technical and artistic merits and not be prejudiced by appeals to racial divides. To attempt to tarnish this beautiful film, which involved the efforts of many, many creative and gifted people, via character assassination is shameful journalism and unfair to those involved.”

Statement of Rick DeLano:

“It seems as though there has been a willful intent to change the focus of the conversation about The Principle off of the film itself and instead to indulge in character assassination of Robert Sungenis by members of the media.

If Robert Sungenis were anti-Semitic, or a Holocaust denier, I would never have become his friend, much less his business partner. The mother of my sons is Jewish, and thus I would not have become associated with Robert for a minute, let alone the last eight years, if I had sensed from him even a hint of animus toward the Jewish people.

It saddens me that our film isn’t getting an honest review, or an honest take in the broader media due to a misconception that has been dredged up again and again, yet has no substance. It saddens me that my friend can’t seem to escape a label intended to discredit his decades of impressive scholarly work. Robert is not a Holocaust denier. Robert is not an anti-Semite. Now that we have stated our side of the story, I truly hope this is something that can now be laid to rest.”


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  1. Dave Sadlowski says:

    Unfortunately the press will not let up. Robert’s Catholiscim dooms him. Regardless of the science and reason represented in the film they will manufacture anything that will discredit Robert. The only thing Robert could do to gain favor is to do what other politically centered, narcissistic so-called Catholics have done. Abandon the faith and become an abortion, anthropogenic global warming and LGTB lifestyle supporter. Sad, but true. God bless you for creating this incredibly well composed and valuable documentary for the world to see. May the Holy Spirit guide the wisdom presented in this film into the hearts and minds of multitudes.

  2. “The Principle, a new and successful Hollywood movie, gives us an intriguing and comprehensive view of what’s happening in the science of cosmology today, and it does not shy away from controversy. Through an engaging journey across the far reaches of the universe, we discover evidence of a powerful idea in modern science, that is, that the Earth – after all – has an important specified place in the cosmos.

    “Too bad if it offends Carl Sagan but ~ we and our earth are special, as is our cosmic consciousness. I encourage everyone to see this film on the Big Screen. Bring your clearest mind & your best thinking.”

    –Dr. Clifford Brickman, (“Dr. Cliff”) author, “The Still, Soft Voice.”


    Hello to Mr. Robert Sungenis. 1st of all–I Iike your movie and its message of meaning, quite a lot (see my Review above).

    2nd–some comments or suggestions about your defense against accusations–are their allegations general or specific? I’ve found that, “G-d is in the details.” My unsolicited opinion? The nitty-gritty details along with an overall picture, are superior to a general accusation and a general defense. If you are going to get into this arena, which it seems you are, it might be of great interest or a good debate for theologians and for the animated public bystanders.

    God knows, we sure do need a LOT more debate and understanding, instead of none, in this age or “religious” terrorism & severe theological conflicts.

    3rd–a suggestion to you to consider adding: “–and the World” in your statement acknowledging the Who or How of the Holocaust’s impact.

    Thanks in advance for your outreach & for your sensitive focus about these issues, which are very much alive and repeating themselves on Christians & Jews across the whole world, Muslims too.
    Blessings & Godspeed,
    Dr. Cliff

  3. Thank you for this explanation. It was necessary to do, but it seems the attack-to-divert-focus is a common tactic when some feel threatened. Be encouraged that your message is causing this hyper-reaction.

  4. Cheryl Rossi says:

    I have followed Robert Sungenis for years, as a matter of fact he has always been, in my opinion the best Theologian out there, but sadly Robert fell prey to, I believe anyway, ENVY by none other than his own. Robert is highly intelligent and was running circles around other apologists/theologians, and if that weren’t enough, he was the ONLY ONE, willing to put it ALL on the line and raise the Earth’s Position, as was always believed from the beginning, along with the whole Galileo issue, out on the table so to speak. He truly was fighting the prince of this world almost entirely alone, until Rick joined his team, and now those TWO are going to be the ones that deliver the devastating blow to satan that will finally lift the veil for the rest of us see TRUTH. How sad that his own couldn’t put aside their envy and pride and be on his team. Wow !! Well Robert and Rick, I’m on your team, and know that although it’s been rough, the truth will come out. Hey, look to Moses. Eerily similar story, eh?
    Cheryl Rossi

  5. I am in South Africa, and am LONGING to see your film. When, if ever, will it be shown in Southern Africa, and in particular, in Durban, where I live. I have been a geocentrist ever since I came across that book by Solange Hertz, which you may know about. I forget its name now, as I am an old age pensioner and forget such things often. The earth being in the centre of the universe makes COMPLETE sense, and fits in with the creation narrative in the Book of Genesis. Please, please can your film be distributed in our country within the foreseeable future.

  6. Dale says:

    I watched like 3 hours of a 7 hour documentary called the greatest story never told and am now like 50/50 that the holocaust never happened. I’ve also seen that some historian scholars that have denied it in the past have been locked up. I mean come on, get serious…. you can be locked up for holocaust denial in some countries, that’s just immoral and crazy. If it wasn’t illegal in some countries i wonder if more historians would deny it.

  7. Dave McKay says:

    I would like to help in some practical way. I am not a Catholic, but I do feel the issue is not so much about Catholicism or geocentrism as it is about God. Even the most basic challenge to the Copernican Principle (which makes Earth just an insignificant speck in a universe of chaos) has really putt he fear of God into them. I’m not much on conspiracy theories, but this is one that at least has enough evidence remaining that people can see that there has been a deliberate conspiracy to cover up important information about Earth’s place in the universe.

  8. Meir says:

    A good anti-Semitic tactic is to brand a truth-seeker as an anti-Semite in an attempt to hide his truth from emerging. Sungenis’ geocentrism is really the issue here. Anything else is just a means to skirt the truth. I listen to Sungenis often and do not sense he hates the Jewish People. To be sure, Catholicism and Judaism are incompatable, but that is irrelevant inasmuch as the Original Testament’s scripture speaks of a geocentric universe.

  9. Alan Malizia says:

    Dr. Sungenis,
    Many thanks for the “Journey To The Center Of The Universe.” The chronological historical presentation of the facts and events unfolded to a most convincing climax. Once I began viewing I couldn’t turn from it. From this video I am reminded of a person who buys a pair of shoes but so insists on wearing the right shoe on the left foot, and the left shoe on the foot, that he asks the salesman to adjust the shoes to fit. Although they do not fit well, he wears them none the less.

    I have purchased two more sets of both dvd’s and have sent them to my nephews who are most interested in the subject. Thank you again for revealing to the world that we are the center of all things and most significant. God would have it no other way.
    in Christ,

  10. Jarno says:

    Hi Robert,

    I loved your movie, it has given me a whole new perspective on things. I watched it three times from Vimeo. Max Tegmark was awesome. 😉

    We ARE significant! 🙂

    WIshing you all the best

  11. Mikulas says:

    Since English is not my mother tongue, I would greatly appreciate english subtitles. I wonder where could I find them?

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