**Stream Now** “Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy to Stop The Principle”

As most of you already know, “The Principle” has been subjected to a virtually unprecedented media campaign to discredit it, from even before it was released.

“Thoughtcrime- The Conspiracy To Stop The Principle” is YOUR weapon against that media barrage.

Watch it, share it, show it to all of your friends and associates who might have heard about the controversy.

It will blow them out of their chairs!

About Thoughtcrime:

In April of 2014, “The Principle”, a virtually-unknown independent science documentary film, suddenly exploded into the public eye as the center of an international media scandal.

The film, it was said, had duped the world’s leading cosmologists into a hoax perpetrated by its producers.Until those producers provided shocking evidence that the media itself was- knowingly!- perpetrating its own hoax!

Why would an independent science doc become the subject of such an hysterical disinformation campaign? What could it possibly have captured on camera that made it such a threat?

“Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy to Stop The Principle” is a FREE 20-minute mini-documentary setting the facts in order so that YOU can decide for yourself- is “The Principle” showing us that some questions are so dangerous that to ask them is to commit a Thoughtcrime?

NOW is our chance to break through the cone of silence which the media has tried to place over “The Principle” since we publicly released the signed contracts and raw footage that exposed the media campaign as an embarrassing and obvious hoax.



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  1. Ingrid says:

    Excellent summary. Here is another talk worth listening to. St. Hildegard von Bingen and Maria de Agreda, pray for us! Hope you are doing well. God bless you, Rick.

  2. Vlad says:

    Once rented the website will now allow people to rent it again. 🙁

    • Rick Delano says:

      Glad, you can get it on Itunes or Amazon now, if that helps.

      I mhighly recommend the DVD or Bluray, since they include the jaw-dropping special features, especially “New Science”, which is worth the cost of the entire DVD alone.

  3. John says:

    Excellent rebuttal. It’s refreshing to see more and more evidence for our Creator!!! What more do the scientists need !!! Their own evidence is leading them to a creator more and more but they just can’t see it !!! Blind fools !!!

  4. gady says:

    What is the Milky Way? What are the galaxies?
    Galileo is turning on his grave.
    Truth-seekers consider all observations, not feelings.
    Space probes were sent to the planets.
    Geocentrism and flat-earth logic only go backward, or southward.

    • Rick Delano says:

      Galileo started spinning in his grave the instant it was experimentally established that quantum physics is the only physics we have.

      His clockwork, bifurcated, mechanistic universe dies that very day, although it had a magnificent run there once Isaac Newton got hold of it.

      Flat earth is a fully falsified proposition.

      Geocentrism is not.

      The drearily predictable tactic of conflating these two facts is truly southward-looking.

      And not in any way logical.

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