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I Do Not Believe The Earth Is The Center of the Universe – A Review of Rick DeLano’s “The Principle”

Review By Kevin Rice ·Wednesday, February 7, 2018 I had to say it right out of the gate. Right in the title. I had to because otherwise I was going to get a few hundred jerking knees and a mass exodus out of this group because of this review. Because I have nothing bad to say about this film. I have been wanting to see it since it was released but […]

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Hip Hop Duo T~Rev featuring T3 Finds “Center Of The Universe”

  To celebrate the August 9th iTunes & Amazon Video release of “The Principle”, we teamed up with R and B/ hip hop/ Gospel artists T~Rev Feat T3 to bring you “Center Of The Universe” with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song and music video! The track must be the very first hip hop record about cosmology, dropping a powerful message that we are all significant and have a […]

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