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Message To Chicago Film Lovers & “The Principle” Fans From Producer Rick Delano

“The Principle” had the biggest single-screen debut in America the weekend of October 24-26 in Addison. But it wasn’t enough, apparently. Having faced down an attempt by a prominent left wing hate group to have the film’s premiere cancelled, Marcus Cinemas decided that the controversy was too much, and declined to extend our run. On short notice, we were able to secure a limited exclusive engagement at the AMC River […]

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WGN TV In Chicago Ran A Piece On “The Principle,” And Here Is What They Said……..

  Thanks to WGN TV for letting us know that the only argument against geocentrism is, apparently, Newton, whom physics abandoned at the start of the 20th century! Obviously the editing in the piece probably applies as equally to the astronomer as it does to yours truly, but all in all, a pretty interesting piece, particularly the wonderful expression of cognitive dissonance at the very end: “1 in 4 Americans […]

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As we reported earlier, “The Principle” was the highest-grossing single screen debut in America for the weekend of October 24-26. How, one might ask, is it possible that such a film would not have been extended? The simple answer is that behind-the-scenes pressure by a very prominent left-wing hate group succeeded in overcoming even the box office success of “The Principle”, and I hope this makes you angry. I hope […]

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  “The Principle”, having opened as the #1 single screen debut in America at the Addison Marcus Cinemas last weekend, is now heading downtown to the Loop at the AMC River East 21 – 322 East Illinois Street Chicago, IL 60611 starting Friday, November 7, 2014! Now is the time to spread the word to all your friends and neighbors in Chicago- this film is generating rave reviews and world-wide controversy, and […]

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Opening Weekend And Moving Forward Update

WE ARE ON THE MAP! THANKS CHICAGO! “The Principle” opened to a resounding $8,622 estimated opening weekend in Chicago at the Marcus Addison Theater. Sold out shows and blown away audiences were the order of the day throughout the weekend, and one thing is now clear: “The Principle” is bound for expansion, with a new theater in Chicago being added, and expansion to other cities following shortly thereafter. The question […]

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Chicago Tickets Now On Sale For “The Principle” Opening Weekend!

  We are pleased to announce that Chicago area moviegoers can now purchase tickets to the opening weekend of “The Principle.” Showings start October 24th exclusively at Marcus Addison Cinema. If you have friends or family in the area,  let them know this is a movie they don’t want to miss!!

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