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“Yet Another Shocker- Galaxy Types Arranged Around Earth!”

Commentary by: Rick DeLano President: Stellar Motion Pictures Producer/Writer: The Principle Here we go again. Our last few updates have reported the ensemble of earth-oriented alignments, beginning with the CMB “Axis of Evil” first brought to the attention of the filmgoing public in “The Principle” in 2014. Since then, the alignments have….multiplied, shall we say. Quasar polarization. Galaxy spin direction. Velocity flow. Fine structure constant. All observed and reported to lie preferentially […]

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Commentary by: Rick Delano President: Stellar Motion Pictures Producer/Writer: The Principle Three major stories talking about the place and significance of earth in the universe have appeared in the major popular science press recently, and those of you who have watched The Principle will feel like the pop sci world is finally starting to catch up! We will be publishing examinations of each of these stories and of the studies which have […]

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Is it Batman versus Superman or the Copernican Principle versus The Principle?

Warner Bros./NASA/Bill Ingalls If you haven’t noticed already, in the current crop of Hollywood movies, television and commercials there exists a trend to spice up the dialogue by adding cameos from famous scientists (e.g., Michio Kaku, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss). As such, these scientists are scripted to make some rather aggrandizing comments about the origin and working of the universe in order promote the secular status quo. The most […]

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What Is “The Principle,” Anyway?

The Copernican Principle The Copernican Principle states that the earth is not in any specially favored or central location. The Copernican Principle is a philosophical assumption of modern cosmology. In modern cosmology, it has been generalized, and related to the Cosmological Principle. Based on the Standard Model which is formulated using Einstein’s General Relativity, and specifically with the Friedman-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) metric, one can say that if one holds the Copernican […]

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What Is Evil About The Axis Of Evil?

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) Radiation contains small temperature fluctuations. When these temperature fluctuations are analyzed using image processing techniques (specifically spherical harmonics), they indicate a special direction in space, or, in a sense, an axis through the universe. This axis is correlated back to us, and causes many difficulties for the current big bang and standard cosmology theories. What has been discovered is shocking. Two scientists, Kate Land and […]

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