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Debate On Flat Earth With Robert Sungenis & Rob Skiba

x   Hey, Principle fans! We want to inform you of a very interesting event that will occur on November 15, 2018. Robert Sungenis, creator, executive producer and actor in The Principle movie, and now author of the new book, Flat Earth/Flat Wrong, will be having a public and formal debate against Rob Skiba, one of the most popular flat-earthers in the country. The debate will take place at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm […]

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Flat Earth is NOT the Answer: a Response to Philip Stallings Part III

Mark Wyatt I want to wrap up my critique of Phillip Stallings’ “The Biblical Flat Earth: A Response To The Principle”. In Part I I addressed his criticism of my correlating flat earths’ exponential Google Trends response to the release of The Principle in October 2014. In Part II I discussed how satellite imaging works, and why the results of satellite imaging may not be what Phillip Stallings expected based […]

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Flat Earth is NOT the Answer: a Response to Philip Stallings Part II

In part II, I want to look at some of the misunderstandings Philip Stallings has used in an attempt to claim flat earth is correct. I want to start with this simple statement he made regarding the images of earth produced by the Elektro-L satellite: I find it ironic that they admit that the images of the earth were composites 5 years ago but since 2011 they have become authentic! […]

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Flat Earth is not the Answer: A Response to Philip Stallings, Part I

Mark Wyatt Philip Stallings posted a blog article (“The Biblical Flat Earth: A Response To The Principle”) in response to the article, “Flat Earth is NOT the Answer“. I would like to respond to some of Mr. Stalling’s comments, and try and show the type of misunderstanding that is often used to try and scientifically support flat earth. I do not intend to answer every claim he posts, but starting […]

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Michael Voris conducted an interview in January of 2014 on his show Mic’d Up. His guests were Dr. Sungenis and producer Rick Delano, creators of the film, ‘The Principle.’ The Principle explores a very old and very new idea in cosmology. Is it truly possible that we occupy a special location in the cosmos? Is the planet Earth in the center of the Universe? Raising these types of questions is […]

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Flat Earth is NOT the Answer

Mark Wyatt There has been an explosion of activity around flat earth around the time that The Principle was screened in the Chicago area in October 2014.  Flat Earth is a PsyOp to Attack Documentary “The Principle” Flat Earth PsyOp Against Documentary “The Principle” Goes into Overdrive! Regardless of why this is happening, it is clear that flat earth is not the answer to any issues in cosmology, nor to […]

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