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CONTEST: “The Principle” Shares Some Amazon and ITunes Reviews, And Asks You For Yours!

Happy New Year to all! As 2017 looks more and more likely to be the year where the mainstream science press finally catches up with “The Principle” (THE POP SCI PRESS IS STARTING TO PICK SIDES OVER THE COPERNICAN PRINCIPLE), we have decided to start the New Year with a quick survey of what fans of “The Principle” are posting in their online reviews over at Amazon Video and ITunes. […]

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Hip Hop Duo T~Rev featuring T3 Finds “Center Of The Universe”

  To celebrate the August 9th iTunes & Amazon Video release of “The Principle”, we teamed up with R and B/ hip hop/ Gospel artists T~Rev Feat T3 to bring you “Center Of The Universe” with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song and music video! The track must be the very first hip hop record about cosmology, dropping a powerful message that we are all significant and have a […]

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Uber-controversial science/cosmology documentary, The Principle, which has generated heated debate world-wide since its theatrical release in October 2014, launches in digital format for the first time on the iTunes and Amazon platforms, on Tuesday, April 16, 2016. “We are very gratified and excited to be able to make the film available for digital purchase, first in the US and Canada, and soon in additional territories”, said writer/producer Rick DeLano. ¬†Featuring […]

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