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New Trailer And Pre-Order “The Principle” Movie DVD/BluRay

“The Principle” is the movie Big Science doesn’t want you to see. Why? Because “The Principle” is the movie that shows Big Science struggling in the face of absolutely stunning new observations that show Earth as the center of the universe. On camera. In their own words. There is an excellent reason why this film has been targeted by perhaps the most hysterically dishonest disinformation campaign ever lavished upon a […]

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WGN TV In Chicago Ran A Piece On “The Principle,” And Here Is What They Said……..

  Thanks to WGN TV for letting us know that the only argument against geocentrism is, apparently, Newton, whom physics abandoned at the start of the 20th century! Obviously the editing in the piece probably applies as equally to the astronomer as it does to yours truly, but all in all, a pretty interesting piece, particularly the wonderful expression of cognitive dissonance at the very end: “1 in 4 Americans […]

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Chicago Tickets Now On Sale For “The Principle” Opening Weekend!

  We are pleased to announce that Chicago area moviegoers can now purchase tickets to the opening weekend of “The Principle.” Showings start October 24th exclusively at Marcus Addison Cinema. If you have friends or family in the area,  let them know this is a movie they don’t want to miss!!

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