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Producer/Writer Rick Delano On Coast To Coast Show

  Copernicus, Science, & Religion Date: 01-07-15 Host: George Noory Career-long insider of the entertainment industry, independent scholar and intellectual outlierRick DeLano will discuss his work researching theories of astronomy, Copernicus and the political and religious fallout resulting from changes in scientific discoveries. He’ll review recent scientific discoveries which can’t disprove that Earth may be the center of the universe, and recap the power struggles over the last several hundred […]

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Response to Sky and Telescope Re: The Principle

Response to Camille Carlisle about The Principle Camille Carlisle is the Science Editor of Sky & Telescope Magazine Response by Robert Sungenis, Executive Producer of The Principle, and author of the series Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right NB: Robert Sungenis’ critique of Ms. Carlisle’s review has been requested to be posted at the Catholic blog site:‐faith‐from‐pseudoscience‐a‐review‐of‐the‐principle/#comment‐10281, since this site is where Ms. Carlisle posted her review Camille […]

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Message From “The Principle” Producer/Writer Rick Delano For People Of Faith

Some ideas are so powerful that they have burned heretics, overturned civilizations, and turned our view of reality upside down. The Copernican Principle is one of them. This simple idea- that we occupy no specially favored or central location in the universe- lies at the very heart of the modern scientific world. In fact, this single idea brings that modern world into existence. Christians and people of faith generally have […]

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Whence the Controversy Over The Principle Documentary?

subtitle: What Are They Afraid Of? Cosmological documentaries come and go. Most of them, such as Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, follow the lead of established science, and basically promote the established view of the universe. Most of them, with the exception a few big ones such as Cosmos (and the earlier series with Carl Sagan), go largely unnoticed by most, other than a small group of people who have […]

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