The Principle Podcast Episode 1: Extended Interview Robert Sungenis


We are happy to announce The Principle podcast series with extended interviews, further discussions, and informative information about the documentary The Principle.

To start off the series we wanted to highlight a few key sections of Executive Producer Robert Sungenis’ interview.

About Robert:

Since 1993 Robert has been the director of Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc. He is the author of 30 books written over the last 20 years, among them the three­-volume, 2400-‐page tome Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right, and he is also the author of hundreds of articles during the same time. His topics include theology, science, politics, and culture for such magazines as Culture Wars, The American Spectator, The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and many others. Robert has participated in more than two-dozen formal debates on issues of theology from 1995 to 2010, as well as given lectures at various conferences both nationally and internationally. Robert has three academic degrees: BA in Religion from George Washington University, MA from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from Calamus International University. Robert is married to Maureen and both share eleven children together.


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  1. Absolutely fascinating. I would love to have Mr. Sungenis come down to St. Thomas and lecture on this. Even though it is not in my competence to extend such an invitation (I’m just a country priest), I’d still love to request this of our hierarchy. Mr. Sungenis’ fee may be high – but, we’ve got room in the rectory! 🙂

  2. Thomasine Frye says:

    All I can say is that we have one and only AWESOME CREATOR

  3. Dear Robert and Rick,
    I ordered the movie and showed it to some friends. Great discussions afterwards! Thank you, gentlemen, for putting this challenge about what we have all believed without questioning in film. I think it is the most important documentary of our time.

    Karen Hornsby
    Baton Rouge, LA

  4. ICESUMMER says:

    Thanks for this work, i have been researching this just for a day and I am very happy that what I found might be really correct.

  5. Lenny Montes says:

    Hoaxsters exposed. Good! It’s about time the right voices begin to be heard. Thank you so much Robert! THOUGHT Crime is awesome material. Keep it coming. I sort of go off on a tangent below and I hope at least some of it makes some good sense. Warning, it is quite colorful and very darting over the forces that continue to be deceptive towards the good people in our society as well as those on a global level. I apologize up front for it’s length. It’s hard to keep things in a simple perspective or short, clear and concise when the mind is running at mach 10. These are just my raw thoughts poured out and uncensored, unedited with honest feelings and in good faith I even know what I am talking about myself – I only meant to go-online tonight and buy the DVD, lol…

    These social vandalists and neysayers, those who wish to push all this disinformation and will always try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes… don’t they know they adversely expose themselves through their own actions and convictions? Then still try to maintain as if though anything they say or do would hold any credibility! You’re toast! Have they ever heard of Lucifer? If they say they haven’t, it’s a lie. If they say they don’t believe, it’s a lie. They have to believe one or the other. There is nothing else. A choice must be made. Don’t be deceived neysayers. Every last single being in the existence of life itself has a space reserved in Heaven for them… ya just got to accept the invitation. I might be assuming a lot here, and I speak from the cuff, but you’ve proved enough for the chance you may need to repent. Seriously, is it okay to travel from one great point to another without a map or any sense of direction and then tell someone this X is the road to Y? All your maps consistently blur off into the abyss! Is that not an indication to back up and find the last anchor point holding the facts you do know about? Can’t move past any anchor point till you understand them, boys! They only lead one direction if you’re following the proper beats, leading to each objective, for achieving your goal. What a theme, eh? The right premise means nothing anymore? It just gets trampled on by greed, ignorance, and a whole lot of guided impatience? The lack of integrity is as plain as day and you think no one sees or cares? C’mon, no one person on this earth is any smarter or dumber than the other. How can such smart, powerful people not know the difference between humility and wisdom? The so-called “powerful” people are nothing more than arrogant, blind, and stubborn. News flash – None of us are powerful. We are all powerless and until everyone humbles themselves, we will all continue down the current path of disarray. It is okay to hit rock bottom, because then there is the chance of hope for you ninnies. That’s exactly where God wants you to be, because there is only one place to turn to at rock bottom. Him. He is waiting and He wants you. He Loves You. He wants you to know all He has to share. This is why you don’t have one single complete equation to answer the big question. In fact, I’ll venture to say nothing even close on any front. You just have rock bottom final chance to do what’s right. This currently teeters upon the determining edge of a needle point for you, yet it’s easier than you think to make the right choice. Imagine the weight gone and daily happiness. Best not to wait, but then you know that right? Cause you’re the smart and powerful ones. What are you waiting for? The time is now. Ladies and Gents, this has all been written! If you’re not seeing the signs, your lost. Get found! Stop carving in stone tablets your irresponsible and unsubstantiated assumptions, opinions, and poor logic that is clearly absent of any real deduction and reasoning? I know this is all rounding redundant by now, but to uphold that integrity (laugh) why does any person intentionally choose to accept your perpetual shortcuts to thinking, placing value on unproven assumptions? Opinions and perceptions over facts and reality, is that what you expect to fly? The truth is not a crime or a sentence. Sorry, the truth demands accountability. So please take responsibility and admit you got nothing but some lost anchor point you need to revisit. That’s humbling and the only way you regain credibility. It’s easy from their, just stick to the road of ethics and pray. Currently the lack of ethics, honor and integrity indicates some very serious issues at hand that you should be more concerned about? Lawyers are disbarred for less. Unless they got a friend in their pocket, then their misconduct is just swepped under a rug. Shouldn’t scientists, amongst other professionals who openly abuse their power over those who elect them, be expected to uphold an iron clad solid level of moral certitude? Don’t your human virtues carry value anymore? I guess there are only really two kinds of people in the world. Those who are prudent, everyday humbled people, and those who are sociopaths. And we’re all spotted at the age of five. Listen, I’m sure by now I don’t have to tell you buffoon’s, you’ve ruined your own credibility live on paper and on video in front of the world. Your hypocrisy and back pedaling, laughably is written across the sky, which is too hilarious. You don’t even see the signs hanging directly from your own necks, just how bad you made yourselves look. THOUGHTCrime backs every single last anchorpoint with sound deduction and reasoning pointing to all available research, even research from your own backyard and mouths. Question everything. Don’t log assumptions and pass it off as the bane of your existence, lol, please… There is only one single grain of sand with life on it and then there is the Kingdom of Heaven. It is quite simple, the answers you want to hold onto or maybe even try to find in an honest fashion can’t and will never be found by any man. There is no “religion versus science” equation. Get out of that mentality. All answers will only be revealed by our one Creator. Remember, He is not of this world. None of us are. We are all just visitors here passing by in the blink of an eye. We are all on our way home to eternity. Trust God’s word is infallible. Incorruptible. 100% accurate without variance. God created ALL things. That includes giving man science, math, numbers so that we may one day understand his design. When He reveals it to us, He will do it on His time. Not yours. It’s not for us to question or even understand, but yes, explore and be fruitful. Venture and discover. Science can be good. He’s not saying don’t venture, but seek Him and you will know the answers to your questions. He will reveal it to you personally. He has made promises to us all and they will all be kept. His design is perfect – Amen
    In short, I guess I could have just said, ‘ALL your answers from the point of creation to our final destination are all in the Bible – all the math, equations, dates, times, places, bodies, etc., everything literally is in the Bible – Study it – it’s a living breathing document – a guide – a map – the one and only instruction manual – not just a story.’

    Science, venture, discovery, invention, whatever else you want to throw in there, these things are not a hunt for sides or ownerships. These things are a privilege and can be taken away. These things are a gift. The Earth is a gift. It does not belong to us. It owes us nothing. We owe it everything. Instead we, cheat, lie, steal, kill, and now have the audacity to take God out of schools, the workplace, and official buildings? We can’t say the pledge of allegiance? Sing Happy Birthday. Shoot a photo free of some ridiculous copyright? Have to worry about being offensive? This is such egregious behavior, it is disgusting. This is America. America holds its ground, it doesn’t fold to an individuals fragile sensibilities! No one from America goes to other countries and disrepects their way of life and liberty. Forces them to change their values and principles because we don’t share the same views. We embrace other cultures and respect their homes. These whiners need to do the same thing here and be grateful they’re even here at all… You want to come to America, then you adopt American traditions. It’s the same for us when we travel abroad! Hypocrites. Sorry for the frustration. It’s okay to be mad sometimes.

    Use and respect all these gifts, don’t abuse them, be thankful and accept what you do find. Follow Him and He will lead.

    (As I use words like “they – those – you” etc. in keeping it simple and generalized, I am referring to those discussed and recognized in the December 2015 podcast on this site wishing to discredit THE PRINCIPLE, but certainly not limited to just those individuals as there are so many who need to wake up before it is too late – All I can say is thank you for the podcast, Robert. The film was wonderful and I cant wait to order it and watch it again. I did see it in the theaters. Goodnight, Merry Christmas and God Bless)

  6. Hugh Miller says:

    [1] How is it possible that human footprints and two handprints exist side by side with dinosaur footprints in alleged 100 million year old cretaceous limestone in Texas and elsewhere if there is 65 Ma between them?
    [2] How can there be 50 to 90 Ma between Cretaceous and Jurassic Geological formations when C-14 dating of bones from alleged dinosaur bones of those periods give exactly the same C-14 ages of ~30,000 years Before the Present (BP)? Comment: The real ages can be much younger for very good scientific reasons.
    (3) How can such long ages be claimed as a fact when there are 1000’s of depictions of dinosaurs world-wide even by Catholic Bishop Bell in a cathedral in England on his brass crypt from AD 1496; and, are described as “dragons” coming in many sizes in the writings of a church father, St. John Damacene of the 8th century AD; and, are described in Job 40 and 41 in the Bible with a long tail, like that of a cedar tree?
    (4) How is it possible for dinosaurs to be 65 Ma or older when bone collagen and soft tissue have been discovered in a T-rex and a Hadrosaur, etc?
    [5] How then can cosmologists and other believers in the evolutionary hypothesis or other old Earth Creation beliefs teach as a fact that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old and the universe 13.5 billion years, using long age radiometric dating methods of volcanic minerals? For example, one key method for determining the age of the Earth is 187Re to 187Os; it has a half-life of 42 billion years. BUT in the plasma state (without electrons), the half-life speeds up a billion fold to 33 years (Yes, 33 years). Since 99.999% of matter in the universe is in the plasma state, does not this alleged “constant” of 42 billion years become equivocal? Other phenomena are reported to speed up nuclear decay also; so what justification has science to claim the above age for the Earth is a fact and make another irrational claim for the universe at 13.5 billion years in age?

  7. how can i download the princple to my laptop?

  8. Charles D Watterson Jr says:

    If the earth does not rotate , how do geo-synchronous satellites stay in position?

    • theprinciplenews says:

      The rotation of the distant masses of the cosmos cause precisely the same forces to arise as would be the case were the earth rotating on its axis.

      Another word for this is General Relativity.

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