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  1. Adiel Jaime Jr says:

    Would love to win tickets to see this movie, looks like a testimony of God by His Creation as mentioned in Romans 1.

  2. Al Menconi says:

    I just reviewed the screener and was blown away.

    One word for “The Principle.” WOW! This changes everything we have been taught since sixteenth century. Really!

    This is truly a remarkable documentary and a top notch production with all the whistles and bells. It didn’t travel the world, but it brought some of the best and brightest scientists of the world into my living room. Simply using “talking heads,” very unique animation, supporting diagrams, and illustrations it changed the way I understand the function of our universe.

    This video is not for kids as it is too heady, but it would be excellent for the kids’ parents and teachers. When I was a Bible teacher at a Christian school in the 70’s, I spent the first week of every Bible class proving that the Bible was true. It didn’t matter what I taught from the Bible if my students didn’t believe the Bible was true, God’s Word, and the final authority, why should they listen?

    This video is the strongest proof that there is a God and that we are special. I wish I had it when I was teaching Bible. The Principle proved to me and any reasonable, rational person that the earth is the center of the universe and the universe revolves around the earth. Therefore, there MUST be a creator who created the universe from Earth outward. It shows that there was only one creator and He used the earth as the epicenter of the whole of His creation.

    The animation and illustrations made it interesting and easy for this simple reviewer to understand. I especially loved how the producer incorporated non believing scientists who had to come to the only logical conclusion as me, that our whole universe – out to 40 billion light years away revolves around Earth. We are NOT a random mistake nor are we one of many inhabited planets. These scientists had to say the data proves that the only logical conclusion points to creator with Earth as the center. Or they had to say that there must be some other logic that is formulated beyond our present logic, data, and knowledge to explain this phenomenon. How foolish! The only reasonable scientific conclusion is a creator created the vast reaches of the universe to revolve around our earth. Therefore, we are a special creation. And, I don’t mean to be a “name dropper” but the Creator of the whole universe is a friend of mine. I even read His Book a few times.

    After its theater run, I suggest that you market this as a video to Christian schools with a simple curriculum so Bible, biblical worldview and/or science teachers could teach the principles from “The Principle” to their students. The principles taught in the documentary are important for all people to understand. The conclusion is a support for one Creator and Scripture – the basis of our faith. It is important for students to know they are not a random accident.

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