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  1. Maggie Alvarado says:

    I would love to win tickets to see this revolutionary film!

  2. Joan Bowman says:

    Discovered you on Coast to Coast and would like to see your movie in Dallas. If you have some free tickets for that one would you enter my name in the drawing. Please let me know where the movie will be showing on Feb. 4th. I do not want to miss it. Have not been this excited since I discovered The Electric Universe, also on Coast to Coast.

    • theprinciplenews says:

      Thanks for listening. Dallas is looking good for us to get out there soon! Vote for your town and tell your friends! Bring The Principle to your town

  3. Tony Leal says:

    Thank You for making this movie and helping inform the Unbelieving world. I’m looking forwards to seeing it. I pray it is a huge success. Blessings!!

  4. Michael Haycraft says:

    I have been fascinated with the idea that there was always a possibility of coordinating the efforts of both science and religion to explain the universe. I may be wrong, as to the intentions of The Principle, but I would love to be able see it, so I could find out. God bless

  5. Maria Padilla says:

    So excited to see The Principle would be a fouble bonus to win tix!

  6. My Son is skeptical in that he is a scientist in R. and Development in his field of Ocean Sensors in a Montana Firm. Would love to see it with him in Spokane Washington. I live in Ronan Mt. -a rancher and a student of Scripture, and he lives in Missoula Montana.

  7. Will it be shown in Missoula Montana? What do you mean, Moderate my comment?

    • theprinciplenews says:

      We are working to show The Principle nation wide. We would love to come to Montana, give your town a vote and tell your friends too! Bring The Principle to your town

  8. A great opportunity to comprehend are valuable purpose.

  9. Sylvain Levesque says:

    I am from Quebec Canada And I would like to buy the Blu-ray.

    Tank you

    • theprinciplenews says:

      DVD’s will be created, and we will let everyone know when they are available. As for now, let’s get it to your city! Click here to Bring The Principle to your city

  10. Pick me
    Change from mail to EMail.

  11. Looking forward to WINNING !

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  13. Sandy Gutierrez says:

    I want to watch it again!!!

  14. Cassandra Carraway says:

    If we win, it will be so much fun! Hope we win!

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