“Yet Another Shocker- Galaxy Types Arranged Around Earth!”

Commentary by: Rick DeLano
President: Stellar Motion Pictures
Producer/Writer: The Principle

Here we go again.

Our last few updates have reported the ensemble of earth-oriented alignments, beginning with the CMB “Axis of Evil” first brought to the attention of the filmgoing public in “The Principle” in 2014.

Since then, the alignments have….multiplied, shall we say.

Quasar polarization. Galaxy spin direction. Velocity flow. Fine structure constant.

All observed and reported to lie preferentially along the same special direction of the sky, all related to the ecliptic and equinox planes of earth.

This time around, we report on a study accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics and posted on the Cornell University pre-print site on September 21, 2016.


The authors conducted a test of the expected isotropy in distribution of galaxy types- e.g. spiral, bar, lenticular, etc.

Standard Big Bang Copernican cosmology predicts these types to be distributed pretty much the same in every direction of the sky we might look, once we start looking at scales larger than 100 megaparsecs or so.

But then again, no one had ever bothered to do such a study.

Until all these strange alignments started popping up, that is.

The occurrence of the word “astonishing” in the abstract of a peer reviewed paper reporting earth-aligned cosmological phenomena is much rarer than is my tendency to employ the word when describing the discoveries.

But this time around, the authors use the term themselves, and I can certainly see why:

For three samples of galaxies within around 100, 150, and 200 Mpc, we find a significant hemispherical asymmetry with a vanishingly small chance of occurring in an isotropic distribution. Astonishingly, regardless of this extreme significance, the observed hemispherical asymmetry for the three distance ranges is aligned with the Celestial Equator at the 97.1% − 99.8% and with the Ecliptic at the 94.6% − 97.6% confidence levels, estimated using a Monte Carlo analysis.

The Celestial equator, of course, is just the equator of earth extended out.

In other words, the equator and ecliptic of earth are now seen to divide the universe into two highly asymmetrical distributions of galaxy types.

Another of those….well, astonishing findings that Lawrence Krauss describes in “The Principle” as suggesting that the whole universe is “arranged around us”.

As is the case in the update we gave you in “The Pop Sci Press Is Starting To Pick Sides Over The Copernican Principle”, it has come down to two choices. Either the Copernican Principle, and therefore Big Bang standard cosmology itself, is wrong, or else some unknown systematic error has contaminated essentially all the observations of the last several decades at least!


But let the authors of the study summarize it for us:

In this work, and for the first time, we search for possible deviations from isotropy in the all-sky distribution of the morphological types of galaxies within around 200 Mpc using the HyperLeda database. Based on the Cosmological Principle (generally understood to be confirmed by most of the observa- tions so far), on sufficiently large scales the properties of the Universe, including the distribution of galaxy types, should be statistically isotropic. Therefore, deviations from isotropy can be a hint of systematic issues in the morphological classification of galaxies or in the homogenization of catalogs.”

Well, yes.

Deviations from isotropy might be a hint of that.

But what about Door Number Two?

On the other hand, it is vital to re-inspect the assumption of isotropy with various observations (Maartens 2011) and this is one of the motivations of our study. If a significant deviation from cosmic isotropy is detected and confirmed by various data sets, cosmology will face a major paradigm change.”

Next time we will look at some of the reasons I feel very confident that Door Number Two is the one to bet on.

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7 Responses

  1. Rev. Fr. John Matthew Fewel says:

    So, why is an “asymmetrical distribution of galaxies, by type, so astonishing? My poor, unscientific mind wants to hear, with its two tin ears, that all of these various galaxy types are grouped about the equinox of earth, or the equator of same, in a ballet-like and near mirror “symmetry!”
    …, what am I missing?

  2. Rev. Fr. John Matthew Fewel says:

    Hmmm. Let me rephrase my question.
    Shouldn’t “symmetry” be found, rather than “asymmetry,” because, in the Copernican Principle, the universe is “asymmetrical,” with no up, no down, no order; and in the geocentric, and Biblical, universe, “symmetry,” i.e. “order” reigns?
    Doesn’t “symmetry” connote intelligent design, and “asymmetry” connote chaos?
    Or, how does an asymmetrical distribution of galaxies show orientation around earth’s equatorial plane?
    I love this stuff, but it’s like trying to catch up with a pack of formula one race cars, and I’m in a pedal-car!

    • Rick Delano says:

      //Hmmm. Let me rephrase my question.
      Shouldn’t “symmetry” be found, rather than “asymmetry,”//

      But we are not permitted, in science, to impose our metaphysical preferences on the data.

      We can use our metaphysical preferences to generate hypotheses- guesses.

      Aristotle postulated the circle to be the most perfect form, and the heavenly bodies must therefore all orbit the earth in perfect, circular uniform motion.

      Can’t get more ordered and symmetrical than that.

      Kepler famously tried using inscribed and superscribed boundaries of nested Platonic solids to generate what he thought would be the most beautiful, elegant way to derive the distances between the planets.

      He was pretty close too, at first, and figured he must be on the right track.

      But another fellow named Tycho Brahe was instead doing observations.

      Exhaustively careful ones.

      Over decades.

      Kepler quickly learned that his celestial spheres, which transported him to ecstasy because of their elegant adhesion to his Platonic metaphysics, DID NOT EXIST.

      //because, in the Copernican Principle, the universe is “asymmetrical,” with no up, no down, no order;//

      No. The Copernican cosmological Principle postulates that on its largest scales the universe is symmetrical when viewed from any point within it.

      Like the outcome of an explosion.

      Say you went to the flattest and most featureless desert on earth.

      Do a slow 360, and notice everything looks the same in every direction.

      This is isotropy.

      Now Take a really really round boulder, and stand on top.

      DO ANOTHER SLOW 360.

      Notice that it looks the same- nothing in any direction but lone and level sands, stretching far away.

      This is isotropy.

      Now get down off the boulder and do another slow 360.

      Notice now it is NOT isotropy, there is one direction in which there is a really really round boulder.



      The desert is the universe.

      The special place from where it LOOKS isotropic- the boulder- is earth.

      BUT if you developed the ability to examine the exact type of rock forming the sand, and you discovered that in one particular direction, all the sand seemed to be made of a completely different rock- and that direction ran smack dab through the middle of the boulder, you would begin to suspect that desert had some highly non-random properties, like somebody had left the sand and the boulder as a special direction.

      Next stick some dynamite in a hole you drill to the boulder’s center, and blow it up.

      Notice that the fragments will be pretty symmetrically distributed.

      Pretty much the same number and type of fragments no matter which direction you look from where the boulder was.

      Now go in and arrange some of the fragments in to the letters “I DID THIS”

      Notice that the distribution is now ASYMMETRICAL.

      It is not isotropy.

      It is instead ordered.



      The Big Bang cannot survive asymmetrical, anisotropic structures on its largest scales.

  3. Alan Malizia says:

    Honest science must recognize the truth as it is revealed through observation and empirical data as found with the Michelson/Morley findings and the Planck Probe data results, if that science is to maintain integrity. As the final layers of onion have been pealed away on this subject we will finally come upon the truth; that humanity has been following the wrong cosmic model for four hundred plus years. And in so doing will find the reason for and answer to our chaotic existence.
    -Alan Malizia

    • David Coke says:

      What integrity? What honesty? Review the movie ‘Expelled’ for a clear picture of the deceit and corruption in the scientific community.

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